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Doom: Evil Unleashed

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I've been thinking about what could've been going on about the underworkings of before the Doom games, and here's my take on everything, partially inspired by "story for my wip." a bit below this thread:

The nightmare began right then and there; unfathomable "things" started pouring out of the gate right before the scientists' eyes. Flaming skulls, horned brown humanoid creatures...Everything out of a horror-movie-gone-good. One by one, the UAC personnel were hunted down and slaughtered by the things, like animals; down until there was one remaining human being on the whole planet...

Origin: Lieutenant Saunders, Div. 139 : UAC Phobos installation
Message Age: 39 Hours, 42 Minutes, 14 Seconds

*static*Hello?Hello, can anyone hear me?!ANSWER, DAMMIT! Some kinda freakin' nightmares are coming out of the gates! SEND REINFORCEMENTS IMMEDIAT-*static*-(sounds of guts splattering against the walls, bones crunching, screams, then silence).......

TIME: 0030 Hours
LOCATION: Somewhere in the Phobos Mountains

"Okay, marines, we're on a search & rescue mission, so watch your fire!" The Captain yelled over the sound of the propellers just outside the plated steel drop-door in front of them. Some marines started fiddling with their weapons- "Wilcoxon, stay here! If we don't come back within 2 hours, get the hell outta here and warn the nearest military outpost!" The Captain rambled on and on. Most of the marines didn't pay much attention to him, most were truly scared. "Alright, move out!" The steel door dropped and the marines ran out in a blaze towards the Phobos base; all except one. The steel door closed back up and that left him alone with nothing but a pistol. The ship's automated computer started a countdown- "2:00:00."

COUNTDOWN: 1:53:28
ORIGIN: Unknown
*static*RETREAT! GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE! REPEAT- GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE! *gunfire, screams, growls + animalistic noises, plasmarifles firing, static* TAGGART, IF YOU'RE LISTENING, GET THE FUCK OFF THIS HUGE ROCK!*static, growls, bones crunching, silence)

COUNTDOWN: 0:32:56
ORIGIN: Sector 394C, Phobos caves
*static*If anyone's listening, S-O-FUCKING-S!!! For all I know, I'm the last marine on this planet. I'm going to try to get into the Anomoly to shut off the gate. If I don't make it, the world is doomed. SEND REINFORCEMENTS!*static*so it'll stop them from coming through.*growls* Oh SHIT! *shotgun blasts, silence* Okay, I just found out these things can die. Get here as soon as possible! *radio drops, running footsteps and guns blazing, animalistic yelps*

Jacob shut off the radio and secured his helmet. If the rest of his squad didn't make it, then he couldn't possibly. But he would have to try.

It's a Work in Progress, so please, R+R and criticize the fuck out of this piece of shit.

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What do you want him to say? "Oh shoot! These darn monsters are everywhere! Lemme get my Shotgun and shoot their darn heads off!"

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He only said fuck 5 times. Nothing compared to South Park: BLU.

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I say the character can say fuck as many times as necessary as long as it's what the character is like.

Otherwise not too bad. There's already been a fanfic called Doom: evil unleashed by dsm but don't let that stop you.

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