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Laptop Surgeon

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OK, my laptop has failed me again.

My LSE9802A2060 Adaptor kinda fizzed and then popped, then reeked of molten plastic. Replacing that is easy enough. But now something is damaged on the inside because it won't turn on (it could have drained the battery?), what could it be and how do I fix it?

I'm not going to send it to a "proffesional" because I can't afford it and they usually fuck up something else inside the machine and require more money to fix that.

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if something fizzed and popped i would say it if fucked. get a new laptop.

chances are many other things where damaged. in the long run it may not be worth the time and money to fix.

why did it fizz and pop?

also it could have gone because other stuff was failing

at the moment i dont know what a LSE9802A2060 Adaptor is, google search

i would say it got killed. if you power adapter blew like that it could have been giving the system bad voltage for a while. and when it blew it could have just gave your system a leathal dose. where you useing a power adapter rated for your system?
always get the exact specs for a power adapter, mainly in terms of amps and volts. also dont buy cheap or rebuilt ones. at work we get a great many people who return those.

a little side story.
a woman returned a laptop about a month ago. she said a surge hit it. among the items returned was a large power supply that was for charging power tools of some sort. the tech asked what it was. she said she had been useing it as power for the laptop cause she lost the original adapter.
she was very pissed to learn she had vioded all warenties and our PSP in doing such a dumb act.

she should have just left that at home

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i guess your powersupply failed or you got a bad ass surge. yep i would say the insides are swiss cheese now.

building a new laptop from scratch might be a pain. however this might help

you may be able to rebuilt.

first take the whole damn thing apart and catalog each part.
get model, serial and FCC numbers.

when i trashed my screen i just oredered the part from its maker, in my case phillips. it cost $125 for a replacement panle. however mainboards and such may be more tricky

also some of it may still work

stuff like hard drives, CD drives and floppies are all fairly standard. same with the CPU. the mainboard and surrounding devices are the most difficult.
the inverter is another standard part, this is for the back lighting.

rebuilding would simply involve traking down original or similar parts.

i would use only the mainboard of that class of CPU. dont upgrade from say a celeron to a P4 or AMD. that case was made for the CPU type with its heating in mind. AMD's and P4's get hot hot hot.

however that is a shit load of work, i would sudgest buying a new laptop. but aviod compaq and HP. personaly i would get a laptop built for a job site. those things are beasts

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Sephiroth said:

personaly i would get a laptop built for a job site. those things are beasts

That, or get a better warranty. The $300 betterified warranty has already saved me around $2 thousand.

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