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Another 'Knee-Deep in the Dead' -style episode

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Well, i'm working on one. Classic Doom style, should be even doom.exe compatible... about one and a half levels done so far. :)
Nice but challenging playability, good detail, perfect use of textures. Progressing slowly, but i'm aiming for quality.

Anyone interested in these anymore? I'm not sure if i can keep my inspiration to finish all 9 levels, but i'm trying cos i'm on holiday and don't have anything better to do... i might put up some screenshots later on.

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stoned said:

Anyone interested in these anymore?

Ofcourse. I love classic e1 styled wads. Those are great and bring that nice feeling when playing Doom Shareware wad, ah.. good oldschool. Keep those screens coming, post the on W.I.P. and You will have a bunch of awaiting people. Good luck on the project. Perfect use of textures? This sounds mighty fine.

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DooMBoy said:

Sweet, there can never be enough E1 wads :)

So very true. I can't wait to see this.

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I love the game overall. But honestly, I'm getting tired of seeing those STARTAN textures.
My favorite textures are the ASHWALL and the TANROCK ones from DOOM2.
Nevertheless, I don't want to argue. We all have our own tastes

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