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Anyone know where to find Doom AIM buddy icons?

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ahh, please post to sites that dont try to install spyware. some people use IE.

if you already went i hope for the love of god you didnt let those things install.

actually i do remember a member on here who had a page filled with them. as well as desktop icons and such..

but cant remember who it was

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Well maybe you people that use IE should switch to mozilla. I didn't have any problems with spyware popping up, although I'm probably going run ad aware pretty soon anyways.

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S1lent said:

I had a virus named Win32...watch out.

Are you retarded?

Win32 is a windows system file,The virus disguises it's self as that so it won't be obvious.

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Fun Fact: On TYAN Computing motherboards, turning on the on-board virus scanner and trying to run the Windows 98 installer yields an error - the scanner thinks that Windows is a virus.

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Hello, people! I am the webmaster of iconcave.com. I noticed some traffic comming from here, so I decided to pay you a visit. :)

I would just like to know what you mean about the spyware and virus... I am proud to be one of the few, very few buddy icon sites that doesn't have that spyware crap. I am affiliated with the "stop Netpal" project (http://www.iconcave.com/past.php) and would never force you to install some spyware just to get a few cents for it.

I hope you liked my icons, if you would like something special, let me know, you can make a request at webmaster@iconcave.com and I'll search the net and try to make you a nice icon.

Thank you for reading this. Hope to see you soon on my site :)


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