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Windows Media Player... SKIPPING!?

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Okay, this is strange. I use Windows Media Player, and I found this site with mp3s and stuff. I tried to listen to a song and it SKIPPED! How? It was an mp3 file! WTF is going on here?

Also, on XP for the computer, it will skip the first half second of the song or sound but never with video.

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It's weird, because last night I went there and they played fine.

Also, what's this problem where it'll say "cannot play filetype" and the song will be the first word of the song's name or the folder that it's in. Winamp seems to cause it, if I open something with it, it'll say each word of the song's name is a seperate track. That's what causes it, but why? Why does it do that?

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your mp3 could be faulty, or your system is either multitasking or accessing your hdd.
(try opening quake3 when playing an mp3 and you'll see what I mean)
if you think it is damaged, you could uncompress it to wav and then recompress it to ogg or mp3 or something (note, you may lose slight bit of quality if you do this)

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