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Reactor: Phobose's black heart

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Heading to the heart of the base to get onboard the reactor elevator you and your small group is met with the horrible demonic creatures who now know your plan. The creatures attack head on while others try to block your way. A fellow soldier decides to go on ahead despite your orders. you watch as 2 imps and a demon beat him down. With his last amount of strength he pulls the pin on a gernade and blows the bastards to chunks. A hole is blown into the floor and a scientist says "That may be a better way to reach the core. It is the subfloor it may be a bit cramped because it is mainly used for cables and pipes." Without thought you and the remaining 4 jump down.
While in the dark subfloor you hear the creature above searching for you. You can barly see so you grab a flare from your pack. With a burst of blinding green light you and the rest press on. Sudenly the floor collapses due to the wieght of a demon. The beast screams and further impales its self on the debris. Quickly you and the rest head down the craped subfloor avioding pipes and wires, floor supports and other various debris. Dust and dirt cover the ground showing that no one had been here in years. The scientist instruct you to fallow the large steel pipe that clearly sticks out due to its size. almost at big as a human body the pipe seems endless in the pale green light of the flare. "This leads to the reactor cooling basin above and below the reactor. However it should not have coolent running throught it. Perhaps there is a leak in one of the tanks."
"Wait a damn minute! if there is a leak shouldn't the damn thing blow?" you ask.
"No it will not blow it is prabaly just refilling the damaged tank. there are 8 other tanks." the scientist says.
continuing you take note of the many sights and sounds around you. The air is heavy and cold, the smell of death and decay fills the air, and the sounds of the beasts and wires fill the air. "I wish we could get to the weapons storage near the reactor. The bastards cut us off from it as soon as it began. Most of us where sleeping when the first creatures came out." the soldier behind you said. "We may have to do that. we are running low on ammo and we could use a little time to plan a possible escape as the reactor blows. Pulling out a small handheld computer map the sceintist says "the weapons storage is ahead of us by about 1 kilometer and it is just before the reactor's elevator. The creatures should not be there because it is nothing but thick walls and tanks of water and air." As you and the crew drag on you begin to feels sick as the air gets to you. nearly passing out another soldier grabs you and says" hold on sir we have made it this far and we should be there in 10 minutes." You through him off and start ahead agian grunting. The halls above have been quite only small echos can be heard. Soon you are startled by the shreaks of the scientist "here the weapons storage is here!!" As the five of you group in a square to push up the large floor panel you let out a sigh and toss the dieing flare away.
In the room a bright white light burns your eyes as you emerge from the floor. covered with dirt and dust the 4 others rise as well. All of you quickly drop to the floor for a quick rest. Then with Joy you jump up to see a plasma rifle. "OH hell yea!! I have been wanting one of these babies for a long time!" You and the other 3 soldiers feel like you are in heaven surrounded by the heavy weapons and ammo. You load your pack and disgard the junk. You then grab 4 small detpacks from a shelf and meet the sceintist over at the tabe in the center of the room.

read more for the next part. Phobos core

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