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a new favorite

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when it comes to pwads favorites dont stand out.
one of the oldest was "terror mall" due to some effects and interesting monster uses.

however i will say a new one has taken that spot, neo_doom. as in the new stuff.

while level editing wasn't much to me. however the new weapons, mainly the BFG and enemies where cool. the only one i didn't like was the vixen, seemed out of place and too dukeish.

i had never seen someone do that with the BFG and an archvile.

i only hope to see more from this guy

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Neo Doom was alright, but I didn't think it was as good as everyone said it was. Also, the guy didn't note all the doom mods he took stuff from. Like, he uses a couple sounds from icd-lizard and doesn't say so, and I don't think that it's(icd-lizard's) readme says that stuff can be taken from it either.

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neo doom? link me up

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Load neo_doom with nuts.wad and go to the second area with the vixens replacing the archviles, then get them fighting. There's a real stress test for ya.

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