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Wads messing up the sounds

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Some wads sounds are messed up. Like, their sounds will be sprites. The nintendo wad does this. You can find all the sounds in the sprites section, and it's stupid. What is causing this!?

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This is the original way of making ambient sound. Some people removed a monster, such as demons, and changed their ambient sound to the sound of what they wanted. They then stuffed that demon into a wall so it could see the player but the player can't see it, and it would play its ambient sound to the mapper's content. Is that what you meant?

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I think he means when you go into the sprites (or graphics) sections of certian wads and sound files will be in there as messed-up bitmaps, i dunno what causes it, or how to sort it (cause if you extract the sound file you get a messed up bitmap), but these wads usually work OK if you run them, as long as you dont try drawing a smiley face on the sound files i assume

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