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Plasma Pistol

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Okay so i'm working on a futuristic Plasma Pistol type thingy,But theres only on problem.When I make my deh using Whacked I simply changed the firepistol state's action to fireplasma.This is all fine and dandy except for one thing.A shotgun randomly appears for no reason at all over the pistol sprite and I can't shoot.This is being used under Legacy Birthday Versiom.

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Yeah i remember trying that, never could make it work..

what you could do, if youre not planning on using the BFG in your level, is make that fire single plasma shots and give it to the player right at the start

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The plasmafire codepinter calls for certain frames that it uses for the "firing sprite". The weapon decides its firing sprite based on the codepointer, it calls a frame a certain number ahead of the frame you gave the codepointer, in this case a few frames ahead of the pistol at the shotgun frames. Sadly, because its a hack, the only way to get rid of the shotgun is to find the right frame, null out its codepointers, and set its duration to 0. Basically you have to kill that frame. Once you "kill" the frame, it cannot be used, at all. If you are making a weapons mod, best to wait for ZDoom 2.64 so you can use its DECORATE weapons system instead of such hacks.

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