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Graf Zahl

How to get Whacked2 to run?

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Every time I try to load a DEH patch I get the following error message:

frmMain.OpenFile: There were no engine configuration files found that match the patch file's target engine.

1. What does that mean?
2. How can I get rid of it?

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We've been getting bumps of seismic proportions lately.

zangief said:

I have this problem too
can anyone help us here?

That usually means a version mismatch. WhackEd2 refuses to work with older patch files, so open it first in a text editor and edit the version numbers so they look like this...

Patch File for DeHackEd v3.0

Doom version = 21
Patch format = 6

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neubejiita said:

8 year bump, not a good idea mate.

Why isn't it a good idea? Because it's a bump? Why is bumping a problem? Because it is?

Circular reasoning aside, there's no practical difference between doing a forum search and finding a previous problem (like what appears to be done here) than starting a new thread and asking the same question. Though I doubt many would have taken the "geeze use a search ffs!" had he opted for the latter option, it's hard to fault the guy for actually looking it up this time.

Blunt opinion-drop: The idea of bumping being always bad needs to cease existing. Though it's generally associated with content-less nagging or failure to read (like bumping a thread to respond to a poster who hasn't shown his face for like 4 years), there are cases when it's justified.

Back on topic: Is this the error you get when trying to open a non-Whacked2-created patch in Whacked2? The program suffers from an unfortunate design WTF in which it appends some custom header information to patches it creates and refuses to load a patch if it doesn't contain this data. That means you'll have to manually copy the Whacked2 header with a text file to the patch you want to edit, which can be done easily by creating a new patch and copying the Whacked2-specific config info at the top. Though in the ideal case, this should be unnecessary.

I'd go into more detail, but Whacked2 won't run on this machine because of a phantom DLL conflict issue, so I have to do it all from memory. :P

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I tried the header change but the dehacked from some 90's wads (like Strain) still wouldn't open in whacked2. I thought I remember reading before that whacked lists some dehacked data differently than DeHacked?

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What really pisses me off about Whacked 2 and 3 is that the OpenShotgun2 and LoadShotgun2 pointers are misnamed as OpenShotgun and LoadShotgun, which creates the need to manually edit the deh/bex file with a text editor after you're done editing it in Whacked.

Of course, this can be remedied by editing the config file for the editor, but that's kinda inconvenient to fix an error that shouldn't have existed in the first place.

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