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Mirroring sprites

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Now, I think this should be very easy to do, but I'm totally inept at sprite modification. What I want to do is make a new sprite with the same standing frames as the player, except mirrored. It won't move, and will only be viewed from the front, front left, and front right. I suppose I could just extract the player sprite, flip it in an image editor, learn how to make a new Thing object, and put it back. But since I know many sprites are already mirror images of others, then would there be a quicker way to do this in dehacked or something? I'm using ZDoom, btw.

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From what I understand You want Your marine's sprite not to be mirrored, but to be possible to view from all 8 sides (like the chaingunners?). That's easy. make playx1, x2, x3, x4, x5, x6, x7, x8 frames (with the x standing for action frames, ABCD-walk, EF-Recoil & Fire, G-Pain), even if the marine is a mirrored sprite, it still can have 8 rotation frames and will be viewed from 8 sides.. Works.

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Then use it in the OPPOSITE way to achieve Your effect. :-)

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