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Synopsis of Doom: The Shortening

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You're a Space Marine, clad in green armor, packing a 9 mil pistol. You're a soldier for the UAC, an interplanetary corporation. The UAC has been conducting experiments with warp-gate technology. But the gates become more and more unstable, and finally blow out. Demons pour into the base. You and your crew are beamed up to Phobos ASAP. You're ordered to secure the perimeter. In short order, everyone is killed. Except you, that is. You now have no choice but to enter the base, find out what killed your buds, and, hopefully, exit the base alive.
It's time.....
Afterwards, you're teleported to Deimos. The horror of Phobos is even more apparent on Deimos, as the demons' reality has warped the base into something far more Hellish and twisted. You begin to realize that these demons are intent on taking over the Solar System, and realize you have to stop them. You fight, and destroy the towering CyberDemon that has ruled over the Deimos Base.
Then, you head into Hell itself. You battle your way through, destroying the Spider MasterMind at the end.

All is through. And you're still alive.

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That pistol looks like a revolver to me. I dont think they make 9mm revolvers but I am not sure.

It is a revolver, from the looks. I looked in my Encyclopedia of Pistols and Revolvers and came up with these, based on the look:

1) Smith & Wesson Combat Materpiece
.38 Special, 6 rounds

2) Smith & Wesson Military & Police
.38 Special, 6 rounds

3) Smith & Wesson Military & Police
.357 Magnum, 6 rounds

4) Smith & Wesson Combat Magnum (4 in barrel)
.357 Magnum, 6 rounds

This is the one I used in my E1M1 story:

5) Smith & Wesson Model 29 (6 in barrel)
.44 Magnum, 6 rounds

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