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jDoom's weird message

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Hello, I just downloaded jDoom ver 1.7.15 with installer, got everything up and listed all the wads. Now, when i try to play, all the things it has to load are loaded, but just when it's about to start, it gives me this message:

"Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library

Buffer overrun detected!

Program: xxxxx\Doomsday.exe

A buffer overrun has been detected which has corrupted the program's internal state. The program cannot safely continue execution and must be now terminated."

Well, i don't have the faintiest idea of what that means.
Help, anyone?

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It means that there's a programming error somewhere - specifically some internal variable was defined too small. Visual C has an option to detect some of those and output the above error message.

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Hmm I've not seen that one. Does the same happen with the Doomsday 1.8 Release candidate 3?

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You might want to use a memory test program called memtest to see if you have any flaws in your memory (hardware wise). A flaw in a memory stick can spell doom (no pun intended) for any application being run and even xp reboots randomly.

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