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Stupid DOS problems

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I was messing around with Team TNT's SWANTBLS.EXE the other day, I ran this program and I got this message in the prompt:

File not found
Protected mode not accessible.
Load error: no DPMI - Get csdpmi*b.zip

this seems to happen on EVERY dos application I try to run, a while back (probably 4 weeks ago) I was able to run these programs just fine, and now all of a sudden, I get this.

I downloaded csdpmi3b.zip and placed the files near the program I want to run and still says the same thing.

Can anyone lend me a hand here?

Btw, just in case anyone is asking I am running on Windows 2000.

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Newsflash - Windows 2000 has almost non-existent DOS support. I suggest an emulator like DOSBox or maybe a second boot option in to DOS\Windows 98.

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if I was able to run it before, then its very possible that I can find a way to get it working again.

I was looking around in my windows directory and noticed that dosx.exe has mysteriously dissapeared, Which is more likey this could be causing this issue.

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Yep, DOSX.EXE is the DOS extender used by the NTVDM. Putting it back should fix things.

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most DOS emulators are poor, use up far too much to work on a basic level.

get that prgram, dosx

however how did it get deleted in the first place??

i would sudgest a dual boot option or dusting off an old DOS/win95 PC

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