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Doom Marine

Creating Tiling Textures

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I want to try my hand at creating textures, so which [free] program would ya recommend?

BTW, I Googled "Free Texture Editor + Download", and got back a bunch of results I didn't find very helpful... so to restate my question: which FREE texture maker program would you recommend for a novice?

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You can use any paint/drawing program to create graphics, you don't need a special program. Only when you want to put the graphic in your wad do you need an editor. (WinTex, XWE, DeePsea)

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Oh, that looks like a neat program, have to check that out ...

What you need to make tiled textures is something that will let you work across the outside edges to make them line up. I've done this in photoshop by using a filter to offset/wrap the image by N/2 pixels in each direction. Something like wally might let you edit on a tiled preview, which would be even better.

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