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Blast of nostalgia

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Wow, I haven't played deathmatch Doom since 1996. Last night I took the time to figure out Zdaemon and was playing my first game of deathmatch in years!!

A little history about me. Back in the good-ole-days I was a huge Doom2 deathmatch fan spending nearly every minute of free time on the local BBS Game Connection playing Doom2 with my fellow afflicted doomers. It was a blast playing deathmatch, making levels, and generally have a good time. Back then there was no internet so it was hard to find players, which sucked when you're addicted :) Soon Quake and the internet came along snuffing out the BBS scene and it was nearly impossible to find a game of deathmatch, so alas I stopped playing.

I was cleaning out the 'computer' closet and decided to go through my old floppies, save what I needed, and then throw them all away. I still have my shareware copy of Doom I purchased eons ago when I didn't know what Doom was. When I went to the store all I saw was that Doom took up two floppies instead of one, so it must have been better than the other games. Boy was I right! Anyways I had zipped up all my old favorite WADs onto 5 floppies, I was amazed I could still unzip the file and found all my favorite WADs sitting there. A wave of nostalgia washed over me and I decided to install Doom again.

Now I'm shocked to find how easy it is to connect and play an awesome game of Doom. Yeehaw!! The pace of Doom is unmatched, I wish the games being made today were as fast paced as Doom.

Anyways thanks Doom community for bringing back some very fond memories!!

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CodeImp said:

I wonder what going to happen to this community as soon as Doom 3 releases...

probably very little

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Don't worry, moloch, we'll be here forever. The Doom community has survived this long, I doubt it'll ever break up. And Doom doesn't even feel like an old game to most of us as it's still kept up-to-date even now, 10 years on. There are still new wads made every day, and the main online Doom ports are being constantly updated.

And the community will probably continue to be refreshed forever, by gamers wanting to play classic games, even when we've all been dead and buried for hundreds of years :) Already half of us are part of the new Doom generation - I was only 8 when it came out - I wasn't a serious Doomer then.

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