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Hexen DM maps?

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Unfortunately most of those just aren't worth downloading.
My suggestion: make some of your own.

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Some are. A couple off the top of my head are dead.wad and awaits.wad.

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Oh yeah, there's also shadowx1.wad. It has quite a few maps in it. There's also a few deathmatch maps in the expansion, which look interesting. And then there's a rather unique map called cannons.wad, where you stand on a platform and launch projectiles at other platforms. You can change the altitude of the platform, the angle, direction, and speed cannon fires, and even what type of projectile (including the Porkelator, heheh).

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DD_133 said:

Those are good ones. But I should convert some maps like D5 and Exec to Hexen. :D

Do you know a tool that automatic convert DOOM/Heretic maps into Hexen (I mean, replace the textures with textures that look similar in Hexen)? If so, give me the name, I allways wanted to convert a map that I made for Heretic, into Hexen

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