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Weird ammo pickup thingy

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At times when I pick up ammo/weapon it's doubled. Or is it normally occaisionally halved? I'm trying to figure out what the default is. Normally I pick up a shotgun off a sarge or shells and get 4 rounds. But at times it'll give me double the amount of ammo for each of the weapon and ammo items. So if I yoinked the shotgun off the sarge and the shells off the ground I get 8. My question is which is the default and why the hell is it doing is?

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Additionally, dropped Shotguns and Clips give you 4 and 5 shots respectively, but if you pick up a Sotgun or a Clip that was intentionally placed on the map you'll get 8 or 10 shots.

In other words, dropped things are worth half as much ammo.

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