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Doom: the movie?

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taken from http://www.computergaming.com/article2/0,2053,1489840,00.asp


"Warner Brothers is taking DOOM very seriously, even putting it on a fast track. John Wells (known for producing ER) and Lorenzo Bonaventura (brought The Matrix, among others, to Warner Brothers) are working to get the movie made.

Todd "Movie Hell Knight" Hollenshead:

"I think DOOM 3 is a great property...and so do [Wells and Bonaventura]. So we're focused on a strong script and from there build the momentum to attract the right director and actors."


Well, having recently read the Doom Comic in the '10 years of...' section, and heard some bad comments about the Doom novels, I've become a little dubious about how a film of Doom could actually work - and judging by the fact that the movie license has been bouncing from producer to producer for the last 10 years, it seems I'm not the only one. My reasons:

1) The plot of Doom was essentially an afterthought, as id freely admit, and similar stories have been done many times before in movie form (Event Horizon has kind of a similar plot).
2) The ambience of Doom was, according to John Romero (I think) a cross between 'Aliens' and 'Evil Dead II', and both of these films are classics of the horror genre. It would be hard to make a Doom film without taking into account these influences, yet at the same time almost impossible to actually better these films (even Alien3 and Evil Dead III were a bit shit, to be honest).
3) The precedent for turning games into terrible films. Tomb Raider or Super Mario Bros: The Movie, anyone?
4) The difficulties in implementing dialogue - e.g. the Doom comic is made up entirely of the Marine talking to himself like a madman, and as he's the only game character that can talk it's hard to see how much of a script could be made (unless they add new characters, which would detract from the 'isolated' feel of the games).
5) The only guy I can think of that looks like the Marine is... Rick Moranis (a shitty point to make I know)

Am I being a little twatty over this? Or is anyone else left a bit cold by the idea...

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