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Question about wintex

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I'm new to sprite editing. Yay for me.

When I want to edit a sprite, I simply have to double-click on it, right? After doing so, I hit yes on the menu that pops up, which is asking me if I want to continue. Then an error message pops up; it says, "Bad command (next line) pbrush.exe c:\winnt\temp\stima0.bmp"

What am I doing wrong? And yes, I do have stima0.bmp in that folder. Maybe I'm missing the program - where would it be?

And in the help file it says to refuse to use pbrush.exe if I want to use another (or, I guess, if I want to use paint.exe). How do I do that? Do I click on 'no' when it asks if I want to continue? Then all it does is go back to the open wadfile menu-thing, where it lists all the sprites etc.

PS I'm thinking of making a joke-type wad, like Doom 3: Mr. Smiley Head's Safari or Mock 2: The Speed of Stupid (or similar). I'm pretty bad at making levels, so all I have to do is try and boom, right there is a funny level. Making the stimpacks look like Cheese will be a welome addition to any crappy level set.

I will probably have questions later, so this is not the last you will hear from me ...

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Edit the wintex.ini file to point to your editor of choice. That menu that came up I believe was to do and configure that. Anyways, edit the wintex.ini. Oh, and if you are jokemapping, yeah, best to use paint ;).

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Sssank-you sssir, I am on my way to rrrolling more eyesss than the nexssst yu-gi-oh exssspansssion.


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