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Time for a dehacked question

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How do I configure dehacked.ini so that it uses zdoom? All I have is Doom95.exe and zdoom.exe.

And if I want to hack only a certain wadfile (meaning changing level names, pictures, pick-up lines), how do I do that? I think I have to hack the zdoom.exe file and then save that patch, and use it with my wad, right?

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Well... eh... use Whacked. It will allow you to change stuff and save it to use with Zdoom...?

Wait, I'm confused. What?

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With dehacked, you have to use doom.exe and doom2.exe, i found them on my CD that 'normally' installed doom 95, so i got them out and used them to set up the ini, you dont "change a wad file", you save a .deh patch, then load that into zdoom with the wad file, or put it inside the wad file using wintex (as a data entry called DEHACKED, most ports will recognise this)

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