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Atticus 9389

Need a team for my Megawad

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Hi. I'm waorking aon a megawad right now and I want to put together a team to create it. I know that I'll never finish it on my own and run out of ideas, and i don't want it to suck, ao thats why i need a team. I'll need a few mappers (I need some one good at tech bases cause I suck at those), some one to create the titlepic and everything like that(also to come up with a title), and someone to change music and stuff.
I've allready got the 1st map done and just began the 2nd so if your interested, give me your e-mail and I'll send you a few screenshots and more info on the wad.

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Uhm, instead of make a megawad, why not make a small episode? Like 7-11maps, maybe even just one map.

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