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More questions from me!

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No. I am not doing this to annoy you. :)

OK, I downloaded whacked2 and it's working great. Problem is, I need to get it to work with Doom2, or preferably, Zdoom.. It came with two configuration files (whatever): Boom, and Ultimate Doom. I've already designed a first level for my joke wad which requires use of doom2, and I plan to use some zdoom scripting (think of credits level from mock2) but I haven't yet because WadAuthor locks up when I load the zdoom configuration files.

On to the questions:

1. How can I enable WhackEd2 to be used with Doom2 (preferably with Zdoom)? (Download a patch from somewhere to 'fix up' my WhackEd2?)

2. Why does WadAuthor lock up every time I try to load the Zdoom wad configuration file? (Probably just corrupted, but it's worth a try posting about it here, ya never know ...)

PS I do realize that I posted this in another thread, but it's deserving of its own thread now, I realize.

PPS Will a mod please delete the post I made in the other thread. It says 'you cannot perform this function' when I try to delete my post. Otherwise, I would have done it myself.

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Use the Ultimate Doom Configuration. Its just the engine config, all the ultimate doom exe was is a doom(2).exe with support for the 4th episode. The uldoom config will work. As for a ZDoom config, I wouldnt mind one myself :). Now as for wadauthor crashing, I have no idea what is causing that. Try reinstalling your zdoom.wcf file. If that doesn't work, try another editor, like Doom Builder or DeePsea.

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WA likes my zdoom config just fine. Maybe it's your copy of WA that's messed up? Are you using a converted doom 2 iwad with your zdoom config?

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You needed to run zwadconv (I think that's the name of it) on doom2.wad and create another, separate IWAD to use with that config. That may be causing it. Or if you happened to modify this new IWAD, that may do it...

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I fixed it - all I did was delete and then re-install the .wcf for zdoom. Thanks anyway, everyone.

I can now declare this thread ... duh-leat-uh-bull!

EDIT: whatthefock? It was working, then it just quits and now it's back to doing the old sh*t again! where do i get this zwadconv thingy at?


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