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A teapot calling the kettle black

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Normally I don't cite AOL news but, meh, this is the only place I could find it. The double standard is pretty funny.

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hehe, yeah the ad on Bush's site (http://www.georgebush.com/Default.aspx and click the thing that says 'watch') is pretty funny.

It's so insanely out there, showing people bashing Bush with nothing in the way of refuting their points and then shrugging it all off by saying that (essentially) "Kerry supporters are angry, and George Bush is a nice guy, so don't vote in people who are all mad and stuff, please".

invoking godwin's law (and likewise shrugging it off) is also a nice touch. real classy. it's not like the ads of Bush->Hitler were Kerry's actual campaign ads, nor do they even mention Kerry. what, is he supposed to denounce the opinions of every single person who doesn't like Bush? that could take a while. this administration is entirely out of their friggin minds, yeesh.

seriously, double you tee eff.

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Danarchy said:

My teapot is white.

Mine's silver.

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That video has to be one of the most retarded things I've ever seen.

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So is Bush's argument that you should vote for him because John Kerry said 'ass'?

They should have shown Kerry holding a bag of pretzels and laughing :)

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