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Using FTP explorer?

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I've got an FTP client working, which is cool. I can log onto archives.3dgamers.com, but then the FAQ says, as the next step, to goto the page idgames/pubs/incoming. Where do I put this value? Obviousely, if I try to upload a file to the place I log into by default, the first address, it sayd that I can only upload to an 'incoming' page.

But then I go to 'tools,' then 'goto' and put the second address in (actually with stuff before it... the link given from the DoomWorld forums). It looks for it but says that the directory does not exist. Where's the right place in FTP explorer to go once I log into 'archives.2dgamers.com' pr whatever, and how do I get there? Thanks.

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Once you're logged into archives.3dgamers.com it shows you a directory/folder "tree", right? Click on pub. Click on idgames. Click on incoming. Then click the Upload button on the toolbar at the top of your screen (it's an upward-pointing arrow). Then choose the files you want to upload (the .zip and the .txt).

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I do not see a tree upon loadup, though I know where it would be. When I go to 'tools' and input stuff a temporary tree appears, but whatever I input is within archives.3dgamers.com, while the adress should be JUST the other thing. But if I try to log into 'the other thing' it does not exist.

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