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Error in Spice Zdoom

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Whenever I try to open Spice Zdoom I get this error:

"W_GetNumForName: CONCHARS not found!"

How do I fix this?

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Wad and exe versions are not the same. Happens if you use zdoom 1.17b with zdoom.wad from later versions.

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Step 1: Make a new folder
Step 2: But the doom2/doom1/finaldoom IWAD(s) in it
Step 3. Download and unzip ZDoom v1.22 iirc
Step 4: Put Spice ZDoom into that same directory

Now try it

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Wow, this is very old...i remember when i was making anarchy doom, and i used to like changing myself into the police helicopter and flying round the levels blasting away..this might have been cool if it had been properly made, but also if they had given the monsters true health levels (ie if you chose the cyberdemon you got 4000 health points...), but it unfortunatley died..

I also seem to remember another one, where you could punch and create friendly monsters, again in anarchy doom i liked to create friendly 'anti-alien mechs' (revenants with 50,000 hitpoints) to help me out..

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