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Progress on Eternity Engine v3.31 Final (tenative name)

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Just a progress report on the next version of the Eternity Engine, which will be the final release for v3.31 -- I'm not sure what the next version number will be. With working EDF, ExtraData, and Small, the "big three" which I set out to originally accomplish with the engine will all be functional (but not totally complete, of course).

Really I think the version number should have moved up a few times already during the last 3 or 4 betas, but oh well ;) Nobody can accuse me of abusing the version number.

Anyways, on to the report. Here's what's been fixed or added so far:

* New codepointers: StartScript, StartPlayerScript, SetCounter, CopyCounter, CounterJump, CounterSwitch

* Screen patch translucency responds to user settings again (oops!)

* The EDF parser now allows line continuation inside quoted strings

* Fixed possible crashes caused by LineEffect codepointer

* Fixed BOOM bug where generalized floors pick AASHITTY as the shortest texture around when there are blank textures on any line.

* ADDED BACK "USE TRADITIONAL MENU" OPTION!!! This fixes Hell Revealed and all those other wads with weird menus.

* Made pause for input at program exit optional, by user request.

* Fixed bug with level names saying "NEW LEVEL" when single file
lumps were added with -file or -playdemo

* "autoaim" variable is now properly saved in demos, savegames, and the configuration file

* Adding wads via Game File Scripts now properly marks the game as "modified"

* Start map restored with full scripting. Start map will now not load if new wads are added, unless a new wad has its own start map.

* The syntax of the "cmp" frame field in EDF is now significantly relaxed. Arbitrary whitespace is allowed, and values with spaces or pipes in them may be included by enclosing the values in escaped quotation marks (the \" sequence).

* Tons of Small support stuff. You can view the latest alpha version of the Small Function Reference here:
Remember that some of this may change before the next release, and I'm certain more will be added, as I just added two new functions today ;)

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Quasar said:

* ADDED BACK "USE TRADITIONAL MENU" OPTION!!! This fixes Hell Revealed and all those other wads with weird menus.

OMG thats cool :)

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I'm definetly going to have a look into this. Seems like a very flexible system at first glance.

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