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master slave game

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i didnt realize windows could be an absolute bitch about its installation.

anyways i have windows installed on a 20GB drive. this drive is currently slaved to a 120GB.

well i added the 120GB 2 weeks ago, this is the linux drive. linux installed and everthing. it detects the drive and all, however fails to let windows2000 boot. i still use windows for some games, now more than ever because ATI and linux dont mix.

i also wanted to redo the windows side. am not happy with partion settings. so i went to install. however windows installer freaked out because i would not install windows on the master. so i am gonna take the 120 out and install windows on the 20. then put the 120 back in.

now i dont consider my self a linux expert, i would say novice or general user.

what should i enter into lilo for my windows boot settings?

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