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Reincarnation (intelligent discussion continued)

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JoelMurdoch said:

Fredrik, you actually largely agree with my perspective, that the evidence for reincarnation is flimsy at best. And yet you still argued cause I prodded you. [...] He always bring out the worst in me.

I love you too.

Quantum physics, as I said, states that time is not the linear thing we think it is. This is proven fact. There are circumstances where time will pass faster or slower.

I'm not sure what you're talking about here. Time can be "linear", that is, go straight from start to end, and still be able to pass "slower". If you're thinking of relativistic time dilation, this is unrelated to quantum physics. Or are you talking about slowing down perceived (in the cognitive sense) time? Or something else entirely (like, cognition and world lines (in their quantum mechanical interpretation))?

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I'm hardly an expert on quantum physics so I can't really answer with any certainty. The book I had which made me think about it's implications in the context of "supernatural" phenomena is unfortuneately an hour's drive away at a friend's place at the moment so I can't quote anything.

I just throught it was interesting that Jung or Freud speculated of this "collective unconsciousness" thing, which would explain some people being able to recall such banal details of dead people's lives, the details which shy of some covert deal with people they've never met and have no reason to believe or trust, are hard to imagine them finding out.

There are some cases where the person is clearly being lead on by a hypnotist or recalling general info they could've gotten from a book. The standing rule that seems to be true with "supernatural" phenomena is roughly 95% of cases are lies or misunderstandings, but there's 5% which cannot seem to be dismissed as easily.

That time and people's perception of it can be altered under some circumstances fits (albeit loosely) with this, which makes me think that the collective unconsciousness theory is closer to the truth, even if that's not the exact explanation either. Something close to it. Purely a personal theory, and not one of my better ones.

I am interested in "supernatural" phenomena, but I am also sceptical and very cautious. I try and get all the angles when reading about something - the sceptics and the "believers". People on both sides have a habit of, consciously or unconsciously, ignoring, omitting or groundless dismissing a piece of evidence which contradicts their personal beliefs. Sometimes the smallest omitted fact can turn a theory on it's ear. A classic example is the so called rain water weathering on the Sphinx which seemed to imply it was a great deal older than Egyptologists believed because the amount of rainwater needed hasn't been in the desert for about 10000 years. However, someone else contradicted him by showing that the damp sand the monument has been covered with many times in it's historically established life would've caused similar effects on the stone.

Until I see something for myself the most credit I give something is "there seems to be something in it". I just try and keep an open mind. Some of this stuff seems far fetched now, but if you went back in time 100 years or so and said people had walked on the moon, you'd be laughed at. A couple hundred before and you'd probably be burned at the stake or something. There is no such thing as "supernatural" or "paranormal" phenomena. It's just shit we haven't been able to pin down and explain yet.

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I think a more accurate statement would be "our perception of time is linear". The more I read about quantum mechanics and string theory, the more I'm inclined to believe that time represents a 3d space, in which conventional timelines travel a path(like an electron's orbit around a nucleus).

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I believe there is more to reality than immediately apparent and making light particles move so fast they teleport I can understand, but I can not see time as anything more than a measurement for what has passed and what's to come. Any idea of time travel I find impossible, even coming from Steven Hawking. What's happened has happened and that's it.

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I believe our brains are signal receptors and the remote controls are operated by our true selves in another plane of existance. Then when our body breaks down, we get a new one. Or something. That would explain the brain.

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