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Jdoom lighting and banding artifacts

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I've read all I can find about it, but still unsure. Would someone tell me if I'm right or wrong about this. If you use:

1) dynamic lights
2) halos and
3) fog
4) jdep- which enables 1-3 by default,

you are going to have banding in the lighting and so far the only work around is to disable something. Most users are disabling fog either by using the console at every level it's a problem, or the jDEP No Fog DED.

Is this right?

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It's the fog that fux up the lighting. It looks real shitty IMO as it forces Doomsday to use additive blending for the lights instead of the far better multi blending.

I'd personaly advise you download the no fog ded.

I don't understand why people would bother to disable it via the console on every level when you can just turn it off??

Never seen any artifacts though. Banding can be introduced if you force Doomsday to use paletted textures on 32bit images, check that you've not enabled it.

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The fog looks cool in a hellish level where lava is the only light source, but add a lamp, or other bright light and it's halo has black lines in it.

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