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Into the Deep

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I've redone a wad I made a while ago, fixing texture alignments(ty Doom Builder), adding some areas to the level, adding a tiny bit of scripting, and generally cleaning the level up. I also rebalanced it to make it harder.

Play it, test it, curse it, and tell me what needs fixing and improving before I upload it to /newstuff.

It's a Doom Legacy Doom 2 wad b/c of 3D and FraggleScript. On a 400 Mhz Win 98 computer it runs smoothly in all but one area. I've had no crashes. The only bug is a Legacy problem with save games.



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Downloading now, i havent played a legacy wad with FS and 3D and all that in a long time, and the last one i had crashed a lot, but ive just realised that was on my old system, and this one should run it fine, now all ihave to do is remember the name of it..er, anyway, i'll check yours out...

Okay, Played it, and i quite likd it..but, there are lots of texture misalignments, have you heard of Doom Builder? if you use that in 3D mode you should be able to fix many of them, for instance in one little area, there is a switch on a 'block', but you can hardly see the switch cause its right at the bottom of the texture, i wasnt even sure if i had pressed it either, cause i couldnt see it and all i could hear was lost souls. as well as computer screens 'melting' off thier computers, and crates sunk into the ground (make them all 8 units taller!), and change the tesxtures on the top, i saw many grey crates with beige lids. Also, you NEED all those 3D floors? like in one area there where computers on desks, is it too much to ask that the computers and desks are just made from normal architecture? they would make it run much better if all these little bits where eliminated, which brings me to my last point, its almost unplayably slow, but thats more to do with legacy i suppose

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Thanks for playing the level. Did you actually finish it out, or has anyone else tried the level, for that matter?

I'll hunt down and fix those texture misalignments you pointed out and upload the new version in a little while.

The switch you were talking about is one that I'm not as sure how to fix. Perhaps someone who edits Legacy more would know this: When aligning textures for a 3D surface, does one align the texture on the dummy sector's tagged line or on the line of the tagged sector? Can one even align textures on 3D objects?

On the speed issue, and I should have mentioned this earlier, just kill the dynamic lights and fireball lights. Legacy doesn't do a good job with them anyway, and the level runs huge leaps and bounds faster, even on my ancient machine.

If that isn't enough of a speed boost for those who try the level, then I'll cut out some of the 3D stuff.

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The switch is on a 3D block? does that even work?, i wouldnt expect it to, but maybe it does..., ah well, when i came out of that room i was attacked by a chaingunner i hadnt seen before, so something must have activated. Anyway, i havent completed it yet, i got to the hole which i assume goes to the mines though.. i'll play it more a little later

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