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Doomsday for Linux?

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Is there anybody out there that knows of a Linux-compiled WORKING JDoom and Kickstart binary?

I've not seen anything on sourceforge either for Doomsday on Linux... Can anyone help me out here?

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Yeah Doomsday is now available on Linux. They are on sourceforge.

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There might be a MacOSX port soon too. Skyjakes getting himself a powerbook.

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Okay... This is causing problems for me.

I am completely unable to compile the Doomsday source for Linux, and I really need a copy.

Can somebody just send me a COMPILED, WORKING copy in RPM or something?

If not, can someone help me with this?

I get this error:

checking for SDL_net.h presence...no
checking for SDL_net.h usability...no
*** error: SDL_net not found!


Also, I accidentally deleted my config.guess file... What would the build type be for a Mandrake kernel, using MandrakeLinux 10.0?

I would much appreciate help either way. :)

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You'd be much better of posting at the DHQ forums at http://forums.newdoom.com/

I don't use Linux so I can't help. I would guess it can't find your sdl stuff though (check the location/makefile).

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