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get doom cheap

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in preperation for doom 3, best buy has the collectors editon for sale at $14. i nice price for all the games.

also on a more comic note i think they are still going with the 7/13 date. our new ad had doom III screens, check the newspaper. or a best buy near you. i dout they are releaseing it on 7/13, would be nice. as far as i know Id has yet to give a solid date.

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but we are a no mullet and NASCAR zone.

good god, thats why i hated working at wal-mart. it was always smelly red necks with 8 kids talking about nascar. we even had fist fights between customers. i am sure one of them was cuased by nascar.

at best buy i have only seen 1 mullet, that is 1 to many, but much better.

i havent seen doom collectors editotion for sale for a while, in any store around here.

heh, walmart will not carry "perental advisory" CD's but it has no issue with software. hell up at my grand parents i remember seeing a porn game before. also games like GTA, bad fur day, Postal 2, and king pin

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