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EDF Enhancement for Batman DOOM

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You can get the first version of an EDF enhancement for Batman DOOM which should work on EE v3.31 beta 7 here:


All it does for now is add a proper cast call. The normal DOOM II cast call doesn't work properly and would be missing tons of the enemies anyways. You must still use the batman.deh file that comes with Batman DOOM (although if you wish, you could modify the EDF to include it using the bexinclude function).

This isn't totally complete, because some of the enemies don't play their attack and/or death sounds. It's very difficult to figure out exactly what frames all the enemies are using due to the nature of DeHackEd patches, so it might be a while before I can address that. But, it's still better than what's there normally. Note the Penguin Copter can't be in the cast call because the sprite's too big. Everyone else is in there.

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