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hehe, put up a download link. i wanna see that weapons, too.

He uploaded a new version to CDROM. You should be able to get it from the newstuff folder.

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Hi Rick:

Inspired by your short stories, I wrote one too. It's based on E1M8, The Tower of Babel, and you can read it at:

The Darkest Hour

Just follow the "Information" link. Let me know what you think of the story.

{I'd posted this item in the General Forum, but the post was deleted. Don't know why.

UPDATE: Turns out it should have gone into the Fan Fiction forum instead.}

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What are the weapons in this wad? sounds real cool

Here is the list from the txt file:

1 - Knife
2 - Pistol - 10mm ammo
3 - Shotgun
Secondary "fire" is a flashlight.
3 Sawed-off shotgun - shells
The sawed-off has a very wide spread.
4 - SMG - 10mm ammo
Futuristic looking sub-machine gun. Sec. fire is faster.
5 - Flamethrower - cells
Not very efficient weapon, but who cares!
6 - Plasma gun - cells
Does less damage over range.
7 - Machinegun - 5.56mm ammo
8 - BFG - cells
Primary fire is a powerful shot, secondary fire destroys everything in front of you.
9 - Minigun - 5.56mm ammo
Because it fires about 4200 RPM it is too unbalanced, so it's a cheat-only weapon. However if someone wants to add this to a level for some reason it's thing number 3000.

I am going to try and build a WadAuthor wcf file for this after I examine the DDf files to get the thing numbers.

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I have my own weapons mod that I've been working on...unfortunately one of the downloads has a crc error...I really hate those...but I'll be updating it with newer and better stuff, especially in the graphics department. I usually put something like 20 weapons in, plus a plethora of enemies. I'm just putting a cyan background on the weapon graphics I ripped from various games that I own...And there should, SHOULD be some original weapons (at least nothing introduced to Doom) in there. I highly doubt anyone else, except the Robocop project, will have the Barret .50 anti-equipment sniper rifle (If you don't know what it is, refer to the movie Navy Seals. It's the rifle that the character "God" uses at the beginning of the movie.)

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