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Is there any utility that when you the exe an image is displayed, then if you press any key you exit the program?
The reason for this (and before you say "wrong forum") is because I want to create a patch for Master Levels, so when you type "master" an image with the artwork of the add-on is displayed (without any tool bar, or stuff like that, the image only), then if you press a key, the image dissapear and the Doomit program is executed. I plan to do the same for Maximum DOOM (with a diferent artwork).

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There's probably some really insane way you could do this with ZDoom, involving KEYCONF, hudmessages, and changing the source for dynamic wad-loading upon execution. Or pack it up all into a single wad and divide it into episodes using MAPINFO.

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MasterOFDeath said:

Could you please tell us in english? Its hard to read what you are talking about.

Thanks for the advice, it seems that I need to improve my English.

What I want is an utility that if executed with certain comands line parameters an image (choosed by the user) is displayed (the image alone, no tool bars) covering the whole screen. Then, if you press any key the program closes.

I mean

utility.exe (a small one, probably for DOS) -open my pic.jpg/gif
The image is displayed
I press a key
The window is closed

With a batch file I want execute the Doomit program (the one included with the Master Levels for DOOM 2), after that.

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Image Viewer

Simple image viewer I made in about 5min.

Only works with Jpgs.

Usage: iv.exe image.jpg

If no file is specified, an open dialog will ask for a file.

More than likely bugs in it. I have a feeling it might distort images larger than the current screen resolution.

(Windows Only)

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Thanks a lot, it's perfect.
I'll e-mail you what I have done if you are interested.

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Sure. Nice to know it does what you want. I can change it to hide the mouse cursor if you want...

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