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Here's a cool doom story I wrote:
Hey, my name is Steve. I’m a pro Biker, and Skater. A couple of days ago I was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Now I’m on a mission to save the world. I’ll start from the beginning….
It was like 6:30 or so. The Las Vegas sky was tinted an orange, red and purple canvas, as the sun set behind the huge mountains on the horizon. I was skating with my buddies Dave, Matt, and Mike at the skate park near my apartment. I tried a new grind I had nearly killed myself with once. As I approached the rail on the 20 stair, I ollied the board into the air and landed the rear truck on the rail like a 5-0 grind except you grab the nose of the board and heel flip as you exit the rail. After several bails and spills I finally perfected it. I have not given this trick a name yet. It was started to get dark so I went home. On the way home I passed girlfriend Samantha’s house. She is so beautiful. She I the perfect companion for me. I could delve into how we’re different and how we’re the same…
….but writers who do that are lame and I’m so not lame. But I will tell you she likes any rock band that doesn’t suck.
Some of the bands we like are Evanescence, Fear Factory, Metallica, TOOL, A Perfect Circle, and Linkin Park. And, yes preppy bands will always suck. Getting back to reality I was on my way home. I took my CD player out of my back pack, put my headphones on and pushed play. I was currently listening to Fear Factory’s Digimortal. I skipped it ahead to track 5. As I soon as I got home I heard the same old question: and the same reply: I was out skating.
I ate dinner and then went to my room and started programming a game I had made for fun. It was based on the Doom engine and it had you killing hundreds of pixilated computer generated hell beasts in no time. I got my browser to go to Google and looked up PlanetDoom.com and clicked the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button. Once at planet doom.com, I looked for editing tools and downloaded a program that lets you edit weapon animations and sounds. Have an insanely slow computer; this would be at least a 2 hour download. In the meantime, Samantha called me.
“Hey Steve”, she said
“What’s up”, I asked
“Nothing, did you finish that game for me?
“Almost. But I need more time to work out all the bugs and errors.” I said.
“That’s cool. Hey, meet me at my house tomorrow before school and give me a lift.”
“No problem”, I said as hung the phone up after saying goodbye.
I spent the rest of the night alternating between listening to “Coast to Coast A.M. with Art Bell” and programming my game. Art’s guest was some German dude with an unpronounceable name. He was talking about how there are more than 3 dimensional planes and that every third is just like ours except the life in every third plane gets more diverse. I kept working on the game until I got bored. I saved all the programming I had just written. I exited to the desktop with the familiar wallpaper of the marine from the game doom blasting a demonic monster in the face with a huge shotgun. I double clicked the Unreal Tournament icon stated an internet game with 12 other people and laid waste to each one of these “lamers” all night. I dropped out of the match around 12:30 at night. I was really tired and my eyes felt as dry as two slivers of beef jerky. I set my clock for 6:30 a.m. and went to bed.
I woke to loud noise of an alarm clock blaring right in my ear. I tossed it across the room.
“Just five more minutes man,” I said. I got out of bed, took a shower and got dressed. I decided to take my bike to school. I had just painted it a glossy black. It turned out really sweet. I after eating breakfast; I went to get my bike the sky had taken on an ominous gray color thinking nothing of it, I rode off to school. “Wasn’t I supposed to take some one to school”, I thought. I rode to Samantha’s house.
“It’s about time you got here”, she said. “C’mon, man, let’s go”.
Later during another stifling school day…

I saw my friend John Adam.
“Hey Steve”, he said.
“Want to do something cool after school?”
“Sure, like what?”
“I wanted check out this old run down warehouse that’s about a mile from the skate park”.
“Sure, I’ll try to get Samantha to go with us.”
“What ever, dude, see you after school”.
Later, after another stifling school day…
“You guy’s ready?” said John Adam.
“Hey, were we going?” Samantha asked.
“We’re going to checkout this old warehouse …
Meanwhile in a secret military installation code name S-4…
Deep in the bowels of the secret base, area 51; was a simple office. The walls were a grayish color. In the middle was plain office desk with an assortment of paperwork that was neatly in order. The person who worked this office seemed rather concerned about he saw on the piece of paper in front of him. It was a report of all the dimensional activity going on around our planet. The reason for such a report is to help prevent a resonance cascade (when all the matter in one dimensional plain collapses onto another plain. The resulting effect is cataclysmic). The report said there was good chance of one happening soon.

Meanwhile at the ware house (before Steve gets there)…
A teleport like device deep within the ware house starts sparking lightly. Then a red spiral develops in the center of it. Suddenly green bolts of lightning start to shoot in all directions and several monsters start pouring out of the teleport. They very familiar for some reason….
“Hey is that the ware house we want?” I asked
“Sure is”, John Adam replied.
“What a F**king dump”, Samantha said.
“I agree”, I said.
As we rode up the ware house, I felt a strong presence around this place. As we got closer that presence grew stronger. After trying to knock the door down for 5th time didn’t yield any results, John Adam gave me a crow bar.
“Here, try using this to break the lock off”, he said.
I managed to smash the lock off and kick the door down. The inside of this building was a mess, it had a dirt floor, and tables were scattered about. Computers and computers were everywhere. Samantha and John Adam went to go check out the armory. It was probably empty. I wondered off elsewhere. I went to go check the test labs. There were plenty of wired instruments in here. Like canisters of this glowing green stuff, and these booths labeled “Dimensional Transport”. I decided against going in them. I found something very creepy in this lab.
“Hey guys, come check this thing out!” I yelled.
“What is that thing,” John said in awe.
“You tell me.”
It was this red spiraling thing that floating about 6 feet off the ground.
“Um… what made that?” Samantha said as if… no way… one of the monsters from DOOM was right behind us!
“Guys, stand back I’ll handle this.” Steve, what the hell do you think you’re doing! I thought to myself. I saw a steel rod sticking out of the ground. I used all of my strength to break it so that it had jagged point. Being an expert in swords, I stabbed him twice in gut. It had no effect. He looked at me and then charged at Samantha. I was filled with anger. I ran as fast as I could and just beat the crap out of this…um…thing. It was almost defeated. I finished it with a very good sword combo. It fell to the ground with an ungodly and otherworldly scream. It hit the ground with a loud thud.
“Dude, I am so, getting out of this place!” John said as ran out the door of the warehouse. I could hear his bike rocketing home in the distance.
“Hey Steve can I stay the night at your house?” she asked
“Certainly”, I said

Meanwhile at Area 51…

Someone knocked at the office door. The door had nothing written on it.
“Come in”, said man said firmly. The room wasn’t very well lit, so you cloud make out the man’s silhouette. A man in military fatigues entered the room.
“Have you checked the reports lately? How could a resonance cascade even occur? We haven’t used those flawed teleports in years!” He sounded terrified. He knew what the catastrophes would be like. They would burn down all of our cities. The demons would eradicate our population in only days. By the time we realized what had hit us, all would be lost. But the man behind didn’t care he want some who was brave enough to infiltrate the border dimension on his own. “And, sir.”
“Yes,” the behind the desk said.
“The security cameras at the old Labs recorded something think might want to see”
It was a tape of Steve killing the demon in the warehouse.
“Who is this kid?” the man asked. Steve was just the person the man was looking for.
“I don’t know”.
“THAN GO FIND OUT!” the man said

Meanwhile in Steve’s life…
When we got home we closed all the windows in the house and went into my room. I turned my stereo on. X-107.5 was on.
“How are we going to explain this, man?” she asked
“We don’t”, I said “the reason for keeping it a…well…um…I ‘m not really sure what to do on this matter”, I said. Truthfully I was really unsure of what to think. I mean about an hour ago I had beaten the hell out of a monster that exactly looks like the Imp from DOOM! I was thoroughly confused. We chilled out in my room.

Back to Area 51…
“Sir I got the file on the kid in video”, said the marine.
“Excellent. Who is this kid?” the man said
“His name is Steve, he 15, it says he is behind a bit in school”.
“What else?”
“He is a black belt in several forms of karate, won 6 sharp shooting contests and likes to bike, skate, and sand board.”
“Excellent. I want him recruited immediately.”
“Yes, sir, right away, sir”.

Back in Steve’s world…
I t was 8: 30 pm I felt safe enough to take Samantha home
“Want me to pick you up-“
“Dude, tomorrow is Saturday, see you later”, she said.
I went to my room and lay down on my bed. I thought about Samantha for what seemed like forever. She is a goddess. She looks exactly like Amy Lee from Evanescence.
After a while I started up my computer to check my E-mail. There was 1 message in my inbox. It was titled “CONFIDENTAL”. I opened the letter. It said “Be at the alley behind the skate park. Come alone.”

The next day…
When I got to the alley no one was the- oww…I this wasn’t a smart idea (thud).
Back at Area 51…
I woke up in this weird office. My head hurt terribly. I was sitting in front of a desk looking at this decrepit guy.
“Did you know what you killed in that warehouse?” he asked me.
“Not really but I’m willing to find out”, I said.
“It all started with the discovery of extra dimensional travel. The bases on mars had begun unauthorized experiments with this form of travel. There were no problems at first, but when human survey team member entered the portal, well most didn’t come back, but the ones that come back in one piece went insane, bludgeoning anything that moved”.
“And how relevant am I to any of this?”
“When we sent in a team of our best soldiers and not one of them made it out. And you alone managed to kill one of these creatures in less than one minute. If interested to hunt these things for us just say yes.”
“Okay”, the next thing I remember is walking down this hallway and then I can’t remember anything after that.

The following morning…
I woke up in my bed I felt like I had been in a gym for days. I finally got out of bed and looked in the mirror. My muscles were huge all the sudden and I no longer felt exhausted.
“This is odd”
I went to my closet.
“Since when did my closet become an armory!?” I said out loud. This was creepy. My closet was filled with guns of all types.
“Let guess there is probably body armor under my bed”.
“There is actually”, someone said. It sounded like that old guy in the office.
“WHOA!” There was body armor under my bed. “Hey, who said that?”
“Check your dresser”. There was a PDA on my dresser. It had an email message on it that said:
This is your 1st mission. I take it you’ve already found your new weapons and armor. You mission is to go back to the warehouse and eradiate all the monsters that have most likely come out of the portal. Report back to this message when the mission is complete. Try to avoid being seen.
I geared up and headed to the warehouse using a shout cut I had found
At the warehouse…
Now at the ware house, I took out my M-4 and slowly entered this place. I could hear animal like growls in the distance. I was looking around this place and stumbled across a very weird foot print. It looked animal. Whatever made this, I could hear it breathing. It wasn’t very far away. It sounded very angry. I turned around. It was one of those things I had killed, except he brought friends. I had been forward thinking enough to use the grenade launcher on the bottom of my gun and splattered the monsters everywhere. I heard more of them come running my way. I was unaware that these things could shoot fireballs. I found this out after one went flying past my head. I fired at them with my rifle. After dispatching of these guys I changed guns. I took out my shotgun and went in to this room called Research Labs. I found tons of broken computers in here. Only one of them was in working order. I turned it on. Nothing came on the screen. I was crouched down. I heard another monster nearby. I dashed out of this room. Before I could turn to exit the room there was this new kind of creature. I could only be called a demon. It looked half organic and half machine.
It looked like a bull with the hind legs of a robot. It started coming closer to me then it lunged at me. I wasted it with both barrels of my shotgun. Since I’m a fast runner, I ran into the next room I saw. BAD, BAD IDEA MAN!!!! I entered this dark room that was huge. There were several large canisters in the back of the room. There were pillars scattered about. Inside the canisters were several different types of demons. One of them looked liked a giant cycloptic tomato. In the next one was the bull demon. The last one had a hole in the side. As if whatever was in there had escaped!
Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a shadowy figure. It looked the janitor of this place. Some thing about him was not right…He was dead!

He was wielding a chainsaw! Without hesitating I laid waste to this guy, but he didn’t die. I switched to my M-4 while running backwards (because he was chasing after me with a chainsaw) and emptied the clip into him. He finally fell down. Then all hell broke lose. Zombies and monsters started to pour in from every ware. I found out where most of them were coming from, this catwalk near the ceiling. I fired a grenade up there; making most of them plummet to a bitter end. In the midst of all this fighting, I heard a loud smashing noise on left most door to this room. After blowing someone else away, two huge new monsters came in to the room, my jaw almost hit the floor when the first
Guy came crashing through the wall. He must have been like 40 feet tall. He picked up a huge piece of machinery that was in his way, and threw it all the way across the room. Good thing the mini-gun was invented. I used my chain gun to try to kill this behemoth. I noticed several canisters with the “FLAMMEBLE!” logo on them surrounding this guy. I tossed a hand grenade at him, and dove for cover.
Out of the fire of the explosion, the other monster appeared. I call him the ArchVile.
This guy was scary as hell. He started to bring all the monsters I had just killed back to life. There were too many to fight at once. It all ends here, I thought to my self. Just when I thought all was lost, I heard what sounded like gun shots, and men yelling orders. Marines had been sent in as backup. It was `bout time. I used my shot gun to help eradicate the hell beasts.
“Great you’re still alive”, one of them said. “The boss thought we were going to have to scrape you of the floor with a spatula”.
“The only way to get rid of them all is to destroy this building!” I said
“That’s exactly what we’re going to do”.

Later that night…

“There is still question of who set this fire in the first place”, said a news anchor on my TV. “Police are looking for the person who started this fire. Several bodies were taken out of the ware house. The coroner office said it has yet to identify what kind of creatures were recovered from this building”
Tonight was like every summer night. I could stay up as late as I wanted, because I had no school. I went to my computer and checked my inbox. There was a message waiting for me. It was from that one guy.
“Good work on your last mission. We have detected a strong dimensional output at an old computer factory outside of town. We’ve supplied you with new prototype
Gun it’s called the plasma gun. It has an enormous rate of fire. It fires high density plasma rounds, and as a secondary fire it will fire a spiral of burning hot plasma for 100 yards.
Any way your next mission is to go into the computer factory and figure out what’s causing the unusual displacement. Your mission starts tomorrow at 6:30 pm.


Today would change my life forever. As I entered this old building, I could hear the sound of the demons and zombies in here. The buzzes, beeps, and rings of the machinery echoed of the walls. I drew up my new plasma gun. I slowly made my way around this place. I peeked around the wall to my left. There was a concentration of demons and zombies down the hallway. Being me, I charged down the hall, guns blazing. I didn’t realize the firepower of my plasma gun until I actually used it. It scorched through all of the monsters. I heard the monstrous roars of some of the big monsters. I dashed down this corridor and came to a locked door. Now I didn’t want to waste time in looking for an alternate way this, so I blew the door down. I entered this room. I found out just how low these creatures can get. Samantha had been taken hostage by these infernal beasts.
These monsters were guarding something, something huge. If you have ever watched Stargate it looked like the teleport they use in that show. I bolted for this thing and jumped inside. I emerged in what looked like hell. I could see fire that went on forever. I could smell sulfur, it was hard to breathe. When I looked at the sky I knew exactly where I was. The sky was blood red with skulls embedded in it. I entered the huge rusted gates in front of me. I was in their territory now. The only way out was to fight my way out. I stepped the gates of hell and made my way to this corridor. I took out my shot gun. I brought explosive rounds with me. I loaded my shot gun with them.
As soon as I stepped into this corridor, two green demons and a huge brown monster with four foot long horns charged at me. One of the green guys clawed my arm up. I wasted him first and then killed the other guy. As you can see in the picture, that skull head guy caught me off guard and bit a chunk out of my back. I killed him and got my M-4 out started firing at the huge brown demon. Bullets didn’t seem to work, so I lobed a grenade at his head. I ran down the hallway, away from the decapitated monster. I came to a tight maze of walls. I switched to my shot gun. I could either go left or right. I went right and pumped a demon full of hot lead. I went down a straight hallway and turned left and came to a room that was probably used as an evil monastery at one time. This huge pipe organ caught my eye; it must have been 100 feet tall.
There were stone gargoyles all over this place; at least I thought they were stone. I took out my Mini-gun, and these demonic statues came swooping down of the walls of these building at me. I fired my gun until the barrel was at full speed, firing over 100 bullets a second. I blasted the gargoyles in to dust. In the far distance I could hear Samantha calling my name in the distance. I reached the spot where I heard her voice. It lead me to giant door with skulls all over it. I knew there would be a battle waiting for me on the other side. I got my plasma gun out. The door screeched and clanked as I approached it. I exited the door and was lead out side. My eardrums pounded as the monstrous foot steps of the last monster I wished I had to fight neared. I was pretty torn up from the last few monsters I fought. Those were merely children compared to this thing. It was part monster and part machine. It was over 80 feet tall. I stood no chance against it. It had a huge rocket launcher grafted to its right arm and possessed enough strength to mash me into a pancake. I stood, gun aimed, and started to fire at this monstrosity.

I kept the trigger down until he got really mad. He started to fire his rockets in every direction possible to signal I was going to be his next meal. I was not. I fired my gun until it was empty, then I switched to my chain gun and emptied that in to him. I fired all of my weapons at him until he was only a shadow of his former self. As I had run out of ammo for all of my guns except my .45 hand gun, I aimed it the CyberDemon’s head and pulled the trigger.
Bits and pieces of hot, flaming shrapnel went flying everywhere. As I walked past the fiery corpse of the king of monsters, I noticed a gate in the distance. I ran as fast as I could to it. Behind it lay a teleport like the one in the ware house except this one was huge. Again I heard Samantha’s voice call to me. I bravely stepped into the teleport. I emerged in an octagonal room with all of my weapons on the floor, fully loaded and ready to fire.
Samantha was in here, locked in a jail like cell. The warriors who came here before me were here too. Their physiognomy was painted on the wall of this place.
“I’ll get you out of here when get this last guy”, I said as I walked into the teleport in front of me. I took the only weapon I needed, the BFG 9000. This is THE most powerful hand held weapon ever devised. BFG in hand, I stepped through the teleport. Once on the other side, I heard the scream of the beast that started this mess.
It looked like a giant goat’s head! It was hooked up to several different types of computers and machines. I noticed a huge hole in the beasts forehead.

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Add more to the intro. It kind of jumps right to the action, which can be good sometimes, but I think it thrusts you into it before you actually want to be.

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