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Dark reality

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As you and the 3 other men sit down at the table in the center of the brightly lite weapons storage room the man to your right begins to talk. "I never told you my name, sir. I am private Stout. I was to be under your command here and i was in the first attack while you were asleep. The bastard came out of no where and i was knocked out by one of those things you call a Imp. I then awoke in a chamber with other men."
The scientist is the next to speak " I am doctor Freeman and i have been working here for 6 months at phobos. I spent 10 years on mars. I am here because i was one of the people who helped build the gateways. I knew we should have stoped as soon as we were hacked. Now I know those creature were the ones hacking us."
The soldier to your left has a stiff silent look and then speaks. "I am john masters. I have been in space for most of my career and I was going to help you with the newbies here and on mars."
After that you tell them about your self, perhaps more than you tell most. You speak of your past, your family, your missions and finally of your dreams. The scientist interrupts. "we had some of our staff report similar dreams as well. One soldier killed him self because he believed it had already happened. I wish we listened to them all."
You then realize that you need to get going on your new mission. You speak up "I would like to know if there is a way that we could survive. I know the docking hanger is destroyed and the creatures most likly have disabled the escape ships."
the scientist clears his throat and talks nervously. "There is a chance but it is very tricky and dangerous. It involves the gateways. Above the core there is a small plant that builds parts for us. most of the gateway pices where made by these computers and robots and spare parts are down there. Then only thing we need is a ton of power which the core will create before it goes critical and explodes. however we must use a much higher gateway frequency and there will be no exit portal. So our exit point will not be very exact and we will need more power. I can get us within 10 kilometers of a mining ship that is currently outside mars studing an asteroid."

"no fuck'n way man i saw what happened to those who went through your god damn gates to hell! the creatures where waiting for those poor bastards!" sargent masters screams after geting up and looking down on freeman. Struggling with his glasses freeman stands and replies. "this is totaly different. first they are not expecting us to have or use a portal. second we will use a far higher frequency. we were never able to do this before but with a critical core power is of no problem. Thrid the bastards are at work repairing their own gates!"

Sitting up you say "well it is worth a shot so lets do it and hope we survive. So freeman what should we do? "
we must reach the construction room 2 km down below the reactor elevator. I will have to stay behind to program the robots to build a gateway and to program the gateway it self. It will take an hour to fully charge so once i get %50 done building you guys head down and destroy the cooling tanks and turn up the power. It will take about 1.5 to 2 hours for it to go critical and 5 minutes to explode. by that time we should have a full charge and be gone."

Private stout says "what if the creatures find out?"

Freeman "They should not know! nothing critical to the computer systems and gateways is here. only power cables and the supply line from the robot factory. The robots are not linked to the main system you must be in the constructon lab to control them. the constructon lab is our first stop. It is next to the elevator and no one has used it sence the gateway construction ended last year. Also the elevator and the construction area have not been entered for over 25 years. 25 years ago the last of the miners put in a automated construction and repair center down there as this place became a military science base. this base it self is almost 130 years old but it has been rebuilt and remodled over the years. It will be a maze down there so dont get lost!"

You then plan out a basic time frame and attack paterens as well as backup plans. "Alright men lets moveout and kick some ass!" with that saying you and your small crew get up and head for the construction lab.

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