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EDGE V1.28a Released

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This release is a followup to 1.28, while development continues on 1.29. The changes are:
- Fix for crouching.
- Fix for finding patches in patch dir.
- Fix for brain shooter with no spawn spots.
- Fix for close combat attacks not being consistent with Doom.
- Support for non-power-of-two textures.
- Generic STEALTH monsters added to default DDFs (Things 4050->4061).
- Windows only: Changes to make engine run under Windows 95.
- Windows only: Minimum DirectX required is now version 3.
- Windows only: improved handling of ALT+TAB.

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Bashe said:


So some people use EDGE and some don't. If you don't, or if you don't care at all, then please refrain from sarcastic or inflammatory remarks.

And on topic, this is good news to me as I am sorta working on a project using EDGE, and bugfixes would be a good thing for me to hear about.

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Edge was cool for that EB wad...but that wad took 5 years to load...

I wish they would make EB Doom for other ports. That wad looks so sick.

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