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Trouble with doom64

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I put DOOMII in the folder called bin and doubleclicked absolution and it starts...then goes back to the desktop as if nothing happened. What do I do about this?

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Ok, first off, what the hell are you talking about? The title says "trouble with doom64" and it seems like you are talking about doom2.exe, plus you don't tell us what kind of OS you run, but it seems like you are using win2k/xp, and if you are not, then shouldn't you get an error message or something? Do you have the right IWAD?

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Ugh.. I think he's talking DoomII- the Doom2.wad.
Listen, once You have installed Absolution to a seperate folder and everything is fine, put the Doom2 iwad to:
Now launch Absolution.

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