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Kristian Ronge

Memento Mori Map 10 UV Reality

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Hello all,

I've been rather quiet for a while now... I'm busy working on my latest project, "Knee-Deep In The Dead" full episode run reality style. I'm can now regularly get up to E1M5, and I'm currently learning it, looking at a suitable route. I'm not sure if this is possible at all, but perhaps sometime in the near future you'll see the end result. :-)

If anyone has good tips of routes on E1M5- E1M8 I'd be happy to hear from you...

Anywhoo, I know there are some people on DW who like reality style demos, and IMHO there're not enough of them out there. So I'm throwing another one out, MM map 10 "The Mansion" on UV. It's not extremely fast or anything, just a safe exhibition run. ;-)

It was recorded as usual in ZDooM 1.22 and can be found at ->

I hope you'll find it worth the download time. :-)

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I liked the mm demo.
hmm... maybe Classic Episode? (e2m1 is a bit tricky at the end, IIRC)
and how about some max reality demos? (since you are taking suggestions ;)

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