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Naked Snake


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Damn. That CO deserved it. Bastard. You can still remeber. The smell of the gunpowder. The crack of rifles. The screams of torment. Then the scouts checked. Sharon was the first back. She told that fucker they were civies. He just shrugged. You walked up and punked him. You beat him with the butt of your gun. Then the guys monkey piled you.

The trip to Phobos was shitty. Horrible coffee, staring at the same, gray, dull patter on the walls. What the hell was the U.A.C.'s problem now? Probly found a fucking rock with a scratch in it and think its life on Mars. Bah! Fuck the U.A.C., they never did anything for you. You sighed as the ship touched down on the dirt. You were quickly taken in chains to the rec center. The chains rattled as two guards sat you down in a chair. They, under orders, unchained you. You sat watching Dogma, an old 20th century movie. Pretty damn funny. The guards, sitting next to the radio, playing a game of cards.

"We -- contact --- unk--- mo--ter. --s big. Lo-ks pissed. *GUNSHOT* I ------- down. Fuck! ARGH!!----------". Then static. Then more radio jabber.

"Give me a gun" you say to the guard.
"Suck my ass" He calmly replys.
"Give me a fuckin' piece you asshole!" You snap
"Look" the other guard says, drawing on you "Sit back down. We can-" but he never finished his sentance, cause you backhanded him. As the other guard fumbled you kicked him in the nards. He doubled over, coughing and holding his jewels, like it would make the pain go away. You snatch up his gun.
"Sorry but hey, survival of the fittest huh?" you growl as the guard squirms. You check the gun. 32 rounds. You look at the guard once more, young guy, cant be older than 22. "Baracade the door. Remain in contact by radio.". The guard simply nods. You exit the rec hall and proceed to the hangar.

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