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Demon Hunter

the rest of my fanfic

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This takes place after the events of my last story.

. . .I finally knew that my task had been completed. I could believe how wrong I was. Samantha and I went into my room. My PDA was going crazy. The email was extremely important. It read
Some thing had gone very wrong. That huge final monster I had killed didn’t die he wanted a rematch. He’ll sure get one.
“Samantha, I have to go,” I told her, and then kissed her.
“But where are you going?” she asked.
I couldn’t tell her.

Area 51
I ran to the front gates. Just from some of the movies and book I’ve read or seen, I thought I’d be shot on sight by one of the marine squads patrolling the area. I was wrong. A desert camo jeep came right in front of me.
“Hop in”, one the marines inside side said.
I got in and they led me to that one guy’s office. We passed through one of the hangers. I couldn’t believe my eyes. There was a huge UFO sitting in here. Several mechanics were working on it in here. They were welding something to the side of it. I think it was a propulsion system or something. I almost expected to see an alien walk right past me.
“If you tell any one what you saw today, we’ll have to kill you. Its government policy”, the marine said. We took an elevator to basement, which was the main facility. I was now 24 floors under ground. We passed by a surgical ward. My jaw hit the floor in disbelief. These scientists were operating an alien. He looked pretty torn up. I never knew such things could be.
“Is that the only one?” I asked the marine
“We’ve got 12 more, but they all died. I can’t tell you any more.”
We finally arrived at the old guy’s office. I sat down in the chair in front of his desk.
“What happened?! I thought I had killed all of them!!!!” I said.
“We thought so, too”, he said. “Apparently, our Mars testing facilities have been over run. The bases are far too big for you navigate on you own. We’ve made a team of our best soldiers to infiltrate the base with you. You also a type of armored suit we have developed. It’s the best we have ever made so far”.
“Look I accept this mission to the full extent as long as I get to bag some of these fraggin’ monsters!”
“Excellent. You’ll need to stay here and suit up first. You’ll leave for Phobos in an hour”.
My new armor was more moveable than I thought it would be. It was green. Green was an odd color to wear on a red planet.

When I had put my helmet on, I noticed a bar at the bottom of my view.

It showed how much ammo I had, how health I was at, and what shape my armor was in. The status bar also showed how many guns I was carrying. It was a standard issue helmet with a com unit incorporated in to the helmet. It also showed my face. I was also equipped with a portable computer map. The maps can tap into a complexes security grid and give detailed blueprint of the area using either thermographs or satellite imagery. I also got a set of night vision goggles. The pull in all available light and do a gamma correction for the user, making a pitch black room appear well lit.
I didn’t get a lot of guns. I was only equipped with was a 45mm side arm and a .12 gauge shotgun. I had geared up and I was awaiting my platoon. The cyber marine division was broken in to three groups: Troopers, Sergeants, and the Heavy weapon guys. I was in my own group. I was given a lot of cybernetics, which allow a marine to have a much greater advantage on an enemy based on those that he chooses. Most of them don’t do much and are just dead weight. I was given increased speed and weapons accuracy. I had a very bad feeling about this mission. Something was bound to go wrong. The combat troop that was being sent in was only 500 people including me. It would be only six more hours until we take off for the planet’s moon Phobos.

Several hours later…

“Phoenix 1, you are clear for take off”, said one of the air control guys. Our ship, the Phoenix, was the fastest one they built. It would only take three hours to get to Mars.
“Hold on, this is the express elevator to heaven!” Corporal Taggart said. This was not a ride to heaven but straight to hell. I was bolted back into my seat as the ship took off. The troops and got briefed on the situation.
“We lost contact with the Phobos base about three hours ago, further attempts to contact the base have unsuccessful. We’ve been sent in to figure out what’s gone wrong. Steve, you’ll monitor our progress from the drop ship, while the rest of us go in.”
“Is that it?” one of them said.
“Nope, after this, were heading Diemos to find out who screwed up what.”
“LZ contact is three hours”, the pilots’ voice rang over the ships com.

3hours later…

We had finally landed on Phobos.
”All right MEN! Let’s look sharp out there this time. I want a nice clean dispersal this time! Lets get those weapons ready”, said the sergeant whom I hadn’t been introduced to.
“Yes sir”, the marines said
“YES SIR!!!” they yelled.
“Okay, you’ll monitor our progress from here, Steve”, the sergeant said. This was ridiculous! I had just saved the planet and now I have to sit back and listen to a radio and not see any action! This is bullshit, but since can’t have a say in the matter, I’ll just have to deal with it.
“Okay” I said.
“Let’s go!” he said and the marines all marched out the back of the ship and the bay door closed behind with a mechanical and hydraulic sound. And I was left all alone in the landing ship. The landing ship, The Phoenix, was originally designed to be a fighter, but it serves well as both a fighter and a dropship, because of the large cargo bay. Any way my job now was to monitor the progress of the marines. All I was getting so far was a lot of chatter between them.
“Keep it steady, people”
“Well were the hell is everybody, its so god damn quiet”
“SHHH, I hear something”
This piqued my attention. I listened carefully.
“Sounded like it came from that corridor”
“All right you three,”
“Yes sir”
“Check that corridor”
A few minutes passed by and the marines hadn’t gotten a reply.
“What the hell is taking them so damn long?”
Suddenly several machine gun rounds rang out.

“I need back up, NOW!” one of them yelled.
“Don’t worry I’ve got your back”

“What the hell are these things!?!”
“OH GOD!!”
“All right someone get a medic out here now!”

I heard them run and what sounded like zombies.
“Shit, there’s more of ‘em in here!”

I think one of them fell into the radiation vats.

Through my com, I could bones crushing, demons roaring, men yelling orders, and then… absolutely nothing. At first I thought my radio was malfunctioning. I came to realize my buddies were dead. It’s up to me now just like before. I checked the weapons cache to see if the grunts had left anything good. I was outta luck. I was left with just a cheesy .45. I loaded my gun. Securing my helmet, I left the landing ship and entered the UAC base. I would have to clear the base out my self. There was no way I going to navigate off this planet by my self. I opened the door of the ship and hopped out onto the martin surface I could see the huge moon base in the distance I reached the front door. Two of the marines were lying face down on the ground in pools of there own blood. On the way to this place, one of the marines told about the UAC. UAC owns just about everything in secret. Had it not been for UAC, I wouldn’t on this god damn planet in the first place! They said that they made the teleport. Actually they found them on Mars 20 years ago and have been trying to reverse engineer them. Anyway, I stepped through the front door and it closed behind me. I got out my pistol and walked down this long corridor. The carnage was evident. Bodies of marines were strewn about like rag dolls. Blood and body parts were every where. One of the dead marines had shotgun. I equipped myself, even though it was empty. On my way down these blood stained corridors, I finally ran into a monster. I nailed him in the side of the head with the gun and then shot him in the neck with my pistol. The demons knew I was here. I will never show mercy. I exited this hall way and picked up four shot gun shells on the way out. Just I exited the corridor, an Imp was waiting for me.
“EAT THIS!!!” I yelled as I shot him clear though the head, leaving blood smattered all over. I ran in to two more monsters, and sent them back to hell. The base was dead silent.
“Hello?” all that came back was echo. I thought I saw one of the marines in the distance. I looked at the floor near his feet. He was trailing blood. It all occurred to at once. ALL OF THE, MARINES HAD BECOME ZOMBIES!!!!! Without hesitating I laid waste to him. He sailed backwards and hit the wall behind him, hard. I had run out of shells just as three more zombies flanked me. I swiped my shotgun at them as hard as I could; breaking one the zombies faces in half. He looked stunned for a moment, but he just got back up and tried to bite me. I shot him right between the eyes. I emptied the reaming pistol clip in the other guys and dashed out of this room. I hid behind some crates to reload. I leaped out from behind the crates only to be attacked by imps. I punched one of them right in the face and shot him. One of them looked really mad and lunged at me with his claws pointed right at my face. I leaped backwards I blasted one half of his face off, while tackling the other monster. Just as I killed him two shotgun wielding zombies stumbled into the room. I filled them with lead and took their ammo. I came a cross the body of a marine and took his M-4. I ran down a 30 foot long corridor and came to a fork.
“No mater which way I go death still waits”, I said to no one in particular. I took the path on the right. I took the wrong path. I blasted through six zombies and two imps.

I looked around this room for anything useful. Nothing here. At the end of this room was a door, but it needed a red security key card to open. I exited this room and started looking for this key. I came across on room in particular. It had a bunch of computers in it. I entered this room and looked for a working computer. Most of them were sparking out of control; others had infinite error messages popping up. I found a working PDA. Someone was trying to contact me over it.
“Is any one still alive out there?” it was a scientist.
“Yeah! Where are you at?” I said.
“Where are you?” he responded, probably wondering if I was a talking zombie.
“I’m in a huge room with tons of computers in it.”
“Head south and hurry. I don’t know how more of these things there are.”
I used the map on the PDA to find him. It said that the only way to reach him was to get to the nuclear plant. The only way to get there was through the hanger. I headed for the hanger.
Meanwhile on Earth

The assault team at S-4 knew that something had gone very wrong. Their attempts to contact the planet had failed.
“Is any one hearing this transmission at all?” one of the radio techs said. “Not a soul sir” he said to the old guy.
“Ready the ground troops. They’re going to attack any minute,” said the G-man. “Sims, is your team ready?”
“Yes sir!”…

Back on Mars

I had made my way through tons of long, narrow, and dark hallways before I got to the hanger. I got toe to toe with an Imp and blasted him to bits and he sailed back wards into a zombie grunt. The zombies’ weapon went off and shot rounds off in every direction. One of the bullets hit an explosive barrel and a bunch of monsters and guts flying everywhere. I looked to my left and noticed a long hallway. I checked my PDA if I was in the correct direction. I was. I fallowed the hallway. At the end was a locked door.
“If you can’t above, under, or around it… TRY GOING THROUGH IT!!!” I lurched through the door, which hurt a lot, and emerged in a lab of sorts. The demons that I had come to know were frozen in stasis chambers. A dead imp was on an operating table. These creatures had an interesting anatomy. The imp had thorns and barbs sticking out, as they were attached to his bones. Something triggered my attention else where in this room and I went to investigate. There was a blood trail lead to the hanger, where I needed to go…

Back on Earth
Out of no where, big military trucks with soldiers in the back drove down the street.
“This is weird,” Samantha thought to herself. Six of them stopped on her street. The soldiers got out and started making cover out of sand bags.
While the troops were getting all setup, one of them got on a speaker.
“Stay in your homes or seek shelter!” Samantha had barely gotten in her home when the gun fire erupted. She took the katana that Steve gave her and waited, hoping that the worst didn’t happen. Out side, things were very bad. Demons started teleport in from nowhere, clawing and goring anything in their way. Several marines started shooting at this huge reddish monster. That didn’t do much at all. Samantha glanced at her TV. It seemed like this could be the end of the world.
“This is no act of terror! Military forces around the world are trying to fend things off but are...” The news caster was ripped in two by the demonic aggressors while several marines shoot the monster. Blood gets all over the cameras’ lens clogging the view. She looked away from the screen, just to see a demon lunge through her window…
Meanwhile on Mars

As I neared the hanger I came to a computer terminal that required my handprint. There was a dead body nearby. I used his hand to open the door in front of me. Several demons were roaming about in here I used my M-4 to wake them up. The imps came running at me and returned fire. The smell of sulfur filled the air as they shot fireballs at me. I fired the only grenade I had at them and splattered blood every where. I checked my PDA to find the scientist. He was trying to contact me again.
“Steve here.”
“I found a security card if you need one.”
“What code is it?”
“But the door you want to open is air tight. If you were to open it, the whole base would depressurize, sucking every thing out of here. In addition the key I have won’t open that door anyway. This is a level 2 key. You’re in level 1.”
“I shouldn’t be stuck here much longer”.
I looked around to familiarize my self with this place. There were computers every where. The walls were gray brick. This place looked a lot like a DOOM level. To my left there was an armory it was padlocked, though. Using a downward swing with butt of my rifle, I broke the lock off and went in side. I got a box of shells for my shotgun, a few clips for .45, some 9mm clips for my M4. I exited the armory and checked my PDA. I was real close now. I stepped through the steel door in front of me and into a fire fight. I held my M4 in one hand and drew up my shotgun…

Meanwhile on Earth

Samantha cut the monsters head off in a single swipe and he fell to the floor. She got out of the house and equipped herself with a dead soldier’s gun. It was an MP5, a good close range gun. She equipped herself with and looked around. Her neighborhood and city was in ruin. Buildings were burning down, people were being attacked by demons, and the end of Earth was most likely very soon. Samantha heard gunfire that ended abruptly. She ran over to where they came from. She found a soldier’s body next to a huge army truck. The truck was by no means drivable, it was too damaged. Samantha could hear a low growling sound on the other side of the truck.
Building up strength over fear, she leaped over to the other side of the truck to find a big red demon floating about four feet of the ground.
Samantha fired 12 rounds at this thing and nothing happened. She ran right up to this thing and stabbed it with her katana. Blood oozed out of the wound. She fired until this guy exploded from the inside. She heard more monsters advancing on her position. She dashed over to them, knowing that she was humanities only hope- for now.
Meanwhile on Mars

I checked the corridor to my left and fireball whizzed passed my head. I shot the guy who fired it to bits and continued down the path I was currently taking. So far this way had offered less resistance. I tried not to let the monsters hear my army boots hit the ground as I walked through this huge UAC base. Somewhere around me I could hear tapping. But not like the tapping of shoes or keys of a computer, more like something dripping. I turned around to see that some…thing was fallowing me. I could feel a breeze go past me. I looked up and blasted a shotgun blast at the ceiling. A dead soldier’s body fell from the ceiling as zombie soldiers entered the room…

Back on Earth

Samantha, ran over to a bunch of people who were crouched around someone who was sprawled out on the ground, there was so much blood on the ground that she knew that he was dead, and so were the people that were crouched down next to him. She took aim and fired as they hobbled over to her. Her bullets entered the already dead bodies of the zombies and they fell to the ground in a heap. One of the fallen had a black .45 and holster to go with it. Samantha equipped herself and looked to the sky. Night would be coming soon; she had to start looking for survivors…
Back on Mars

One of the monsters had huge yellow chainsaw. He swung at my head, trying to decapitate me. I ducked underneath the blade and shot him once in the face and took his chainsaw. As the dead marines laid fire on me, I realized a chainsaw is no replacement for a sword. I got hit five times, but only my armor went down to 84%. These guys’ attacks were so weak I wasn’t afraid to get hit a few times. I feel so-
-good. One of them hit me upside my head.
“That was a very bad thing to do”, I said firmly with some anger in my voice. I cut one of them in half. He fell down in two parts. His torso hit the ground first, then his lower half. I revved my chainsaw up and charged…
Meanwhile on Earth

Samantha looked around at the city that she once called home. She remembered when children were laughing and playing, the smell of barbecues cooking prime ribs, the giant mountains on the horizon. She reminisced to when she saw first kissed Steve. They were as far away from the city as possible. The bright orange sunlight shone on them as they looked upon the mountains. Mt. Charleston stood as proud as a king. The other mountains were glorious then ever before on that day. Samantha leaned over to kiss Steve, and then he leaned closer to her. She pressed her lips against his for the first time. It was soothing state she had been in before, calming all her nerves at once.
This memory soon left her mind as she realized that she needed to find any living survivors. Not that any would mind, Samantha got in one of the armored trucks that were
abandoned by the troops. She lifted the door handle, half expecting it to be locked, and the door opened. She got inside the truck and shut the door, making sure to lock it. She didn’t want any of the undead taking her ride. She yanked two wires out from under the steering wheel, and connected them, hot wiring the engine. She sped off in search of some hospitality, since almost every on was now either dead or undead…
Back on Mars
I stuck my chainsaw’s blade inside the fore of one of the zombies and my view plate got sprayed with blood. I used my gloved hand to wipe the blood of my bulletproof view port. My Lurking around this place had led me to the exit of the Hanger. There was on problem, the were a bunch of Imps running around in here, I put my back against the wall I was next to and peeked around the corner.
There were only two of them, which is dangerous enough. I took my pistol and put a silencer on the end of the barrel. I lined the steel sight to the first one’s head and squeezed the trigger. His head popped like strawberry Kool-Aid filled balloon.
The second spotted me. I ran up to him and gave him one good smash with handle of my gun and shot him six times. I walked to the SECTOR 2 door and my PDA started to beep like crazy. I took it out of my pocket. It gave a list of options. It said that the door had security lock that could be overridden by hacking in to the security database and finding the right password or code number. My PDA started to search for matching passwords. It also said “this will take a few minutes”. Great.
Meanwhile on Earth
Samantha drove around town, not believing what she was seeing. Demons were running around, painting odd symbols all over the buildings they were near. She also saw what they were painting them with: the blood of their victims. She could not bear witness to this cannibalism; she drove as far away from the city as possible. The roads were much easier to negotiate, since there was none. Samantha kept driving until she came to the desert area. The sky shimmered with stars as if they were looking down on her. She stopped to rest on the outskirts of town. She got out the truck and sat on the hood and looked at the sky. She had never seen the stars before. The bright city lights had hindered her ability to the stars. She looked at the horizon; there was one large decommissioned building by itself in the distance.
“If there are any survivors, this may have been where they went”, she said to herself. She got back in the truck and drove over to this strange building. This old building looked abandoned, partially ruling out the possibility of it being a disaster shelter. There was a garage on the front of this place. There was no door to it so she drove right in. She got out of the truck and locked the door. She looked in the bed of the truck for anything. Oddly, there was a sheaf for sword in the bed of this truck. She put her sword in it and entered this strange building. This place was completely empty.
The walls were covered in dirt and dust. So was the concrete floor.
“Hello?” Samantha said really loud. The only response she got in return was her echo. As she walked through this place, she saw an old computer. She went up to it and turned it on. A bunch of files showed up on the screen. They were picture files. She opened one. It looked like a picture of mars with buildings and people on it. She noticed the date: May 7, 1985. If people had been to mars why wasn’t anyone told? Samantha looked at the next picture. This was an odd one. There were huge cathedrals and tall jagged mountains in the background. Fire was everywhere, as were pairs of gleaming red eyes…
Meanwhile on Mars

I had finally got the door open. I stepped through the door. I could hear them, but I could not see them. This should wake them up. Monsters came out from all directions as cut them down. There were barrels of green sludge around. A bunch of demons and imps were close enough to one, I tossed a grenade at them. Bits and pieces flew every where, covering one wall in red. More commando zombies appeared. I got a close look at one of them

These were once my fellow soldiers. The commandos had either M-16’s or Chain-guns. The lesser ranking commando’s had shotguns. Some of these guys lacked the appendages necessary to fire a shotgun, so they would just run up and whack me with which ever arm they had left.

The weakest zombie is usually the most torn up and bloody. They usually have stupid auto-rifle that’s as good in battle as a BB gun. I couldn’t get a picture of them, but they look like those green haired guys from DOOM. I couldn’t stare at them for too long or I’d get capped. I looked over to my left and saw a small room I could avoid there fire in. It wasn’t so safe in here. This room looked like a conference room. It had brown walls with a big American flag on the back wall. In the middle was a large table. On the wall opposite the flag, was projection screen. Several imps had jumped out from behind the screen and fired fire balls at me. They missed and hit the American flag behind me.
“That’s enough!!!” I yelled at them, thinking that they understood a word of what I had said. I chucked my last frag grenade at them. The concussive force, along with the shrapnel of the blast, had knocked out a section of this room’s wall, letting more zombies hobble in, leaving a trail of coagulated blood behind them…
Meanwhile on Earth
“This unreal”, Samantha said. How could all of this be lost so fast?” She had long since realized that her whole family had been killed. This building she was in perplexed her even more.
Samantha got tired of looking at the images on the computer. She wanted to get a better I perspective on what this place was. This building was scary because it was so empty. The only sound was her own breath and boots against the floor. Or was that her breathing? She become completely silent, and could hear claws against the concrete/linoleum floor. Samantha found cover behind an overturned table. She could hear them running now. Ignoring her mortality, she went looking these creatures, no matter the cost. She checked the first room she could see. She found more than what she was looking for. Samantha had entered a research room for the monsters. An imp was on operating table, dead. Several more demons were giant liquid fill stasis chambers. She was wondering how much more she could take. This room was poorly lit, which increased her fear. Samantha was letting the fear take over her. She would NOT let fear get the best of her.
“I should not have come here”, she said to herself. “NO! I have a mission, and I will not let anything stop me! NOTHING!” she had let herself free of her fear of death and turned it anger. She wanted every last demon and zombie dead in front of her. She went into the next room…
Back on Mars

My only choice, since I had no more grenades, was to shoot everything in sight without being conservative (ammo wise). I took aim at the first guy to hobble over to me. He flew backwards, spewing blood everywhere and on me. I had so many of them around me, trying tear me apart. One of them ripped a chunk out of my arm. Blood fell from my arm and hit the cold, steel floor of the UAC base. The scent of my blood made them even hungrier. A few of them started killing each over who would eat me first. Well that wouldn’t be any of them. I had just enough space between me and a fat zombie. I mashed the butt of my rifle on his forehead and got sprayed with more blood. The clip to my gun was empty. I slung the weapon over my shoulder and took out my .45 side arm and started firing at every thing in sight. The room’s floor was almost completely covered in blood, and so was I. It would be near impossible avoiding being detected now. I knew how some of the more “secure” are of this place were like.
Having finished off all of them, I looked at my PDA. I wiped the blood and other assorted gore off of its screen. The scientist should be in the next room and up some stairs. On my way there an imp posed a threat, but my shotgun made quick work of him.

The inside of my armored helmet was really cool, but crowded. I had no peripheral vision in it. I stepped over the dead monsters body and made my way up the stairs. When I got to the room where the scientist was at, he shut the air tight door. I took my helmet off and found one without such a huge interface. I threw my old helmet on the floor and put the new one on. The inside was much easier to see out of.
“OH THANK GOD FOR YOU!!!!” he said. There were so many of them!”
“Um…what happened here?” I asked.
“We’ve been testing teleports an-“
“I already know about that”
“When we started our primary gateway, something came through, making everyone and thing…well you’ve seen it for yourself. The few of us that were left hid around the base” he explained.
“How big is this place?”
“Each base is located in a six mile wide crater. Traveling outside the bases is very difficult since there is very little atmosphere”.
“What did you guys do here with the teleports?”
“We didn’t build them”
“Somebody told me that”.
“We found huge buried metal rings near Olympus Mons. Someone of a much higher ranking than me had them delivered to Diemos for testing. When we had finally reverse engineered them to where we could understand how they worked, someone else sent a transmission from Earth that to send something through them”.
“I think I know who that was”…
Back on Earth

Samantha cautiously entered the next dark room. She had what she came for… fresh demons to kill. They looked over their shoulders at her and slowly crept forward. Having watched tons of horror films where someone gets in this situation and does nothing but die, she reacted different. She shot the first imp she saw in the head. Several more monsters came onto the room to see what was going on. Samantha could see a huge bull/mechanical dog looking running around too.
She saw him when one of the shells from her gun hit light switch and turned it on. He had mechanical hind legs, but the rest of him was organic. She guessed that his insides were mechanical as well. Samantha was sure of one thing though: he wasn’t friendly. The demon started mauling everyone in its way. Even some imps didn’t mange against him. The demon ran as fast as it could and launched itself at Samantha. She fired at his head with her H&K MP5, ripping the underside of it open.
Samantha looked around this room for any more weapons. There was an old storage locker in this room. She shot the lock off of it. There was a .12 gauge shotgun and a machete in the locker.
“How convenient” she said in assort of monotone voice. Samantha wasn’t to glad to be the only person on earth. She wasn’t to glad about her childhood. When she was about seven or eight, her mother died of cancer. Her father wasn’t a bad person at all. He worked in the military and was not home a lot. Samantha forgave him. Now that both of her parents were gone, Steve was the only thing that she had left. Samantha didn’t want any more of this place. She left this room and went back to her truck. She saw a shadow by the right side of it.
“Hey! Who’s there?”
“Wait I’m a human!” this defiantly didn’t sound like a zombie or demon. Samantha hadn’t heard any of them talk before.
“I’m here”, somehow John had fallowed her.
“I…I thought everyone was dead?”
“Not everyone, but most of everyone”, he said. “Where did Steve go?”
“I don’t know. He’s probably on Mars or something”
“I’ve found a bunch of people how say they can stop this. Their stuck in a building downtown where the demons are pretty abundant”.
“Let’s go, I don’t want to just sit here and watch the world die”, Samantha said. She got in the drivers seat and John got the in the passenger seat. She drove off back to her city as John reached for something in his pocket. It looked like a remote or something of that shape. He pushed a button on it and the next thing that she heard was...

“I rigged the place with enough explosives to put a hole in the world the size of a stadium”, John said. “We figured that they would find more ways in to the city, so we started dynamiting every vacant building around”.
“How many are alive?” Samantha asked.
“We found as many as we could, which wasn’t many. We also found something”.
“Fallen demons will tend to possess those around them”…
Meanwhile on Mars

“I was sent here from area 51. Somehow, I think that their connected to UAC.
“Yes, that would explain how why we’re not being told anything”.
“About what?” I said.
“We have been studying these dimensional transports and have learned much from them, but we have not been told what we are looking for. Many of the researchers have asked, but it at least 3 days to get answer and the answer is always: don’t ask.
“I think this is your answer, though not a very good one”.
“I can lead you out of this section of the base and into the Toxin Refinery”.
“Is it safe there?”
“Who knows, but you can handle yourself”
“Sure”, I said. The scientist led me down some long hallways. I was certain that we were being fallowed. I took out my shotgun just in time to get splattered with imp blood.
“Hurry! Its just this way!” the scientist yelled as he ran off like one of those guys in Half-Life. I shredded through enough of them to make my way past them. I made my way to the door and the scientist key was in door, but he was nowhere to be seen. I turned the key and opened the door. Instant hell awaited me. I was spotted by several ripped (or was it chewed up?) zombies. One of them tried to scream, but blood fell out of his mouth instead. The scent of blood woke up every monster in sight. I had to stay hidden. This idea sucked. I got punched right I the face by a cloven demon hand. I was half afraid that the protective screen on the front of my helmet would break, letting my face be free to get sucked out in to space. Lucky for me though, my helmet was intact. I shot the imp in the face with an M4.
This room posed a big threat to me. In the middle was a toxin vat. There was no guard rail in front of it so anyone who wanted to fall in could. I checked the body of a dead zombie for any grenades. He had a few strapped to him, so I took what I needed. I tossed a frag grenade over to them and watched them fly in to the acidic compound that was I the vat. They made a pretty nice sizzle. The only door I could open was one on the left side of this room. To open the door on the right side of this room, I would need to find a blue access key…
Meanwhile on Earth

Samantha drove back through the street of her destroyed city. The few remaining street lights illuminated the crushed streets and buildings with an eerie fluorescence.
“How do they take over other people?” She asked John.
“I saw them. They look like ghosts that come out of certain dead ones. They float around for a bit and then fly into whomever they want”.
“Not good”.
“To make matters worse, possessed zombies have incredible strength. I’ve seen one smash a telephone pole down in one swing. That’s just one of our troubles. Some of the ones who survived said that they saw hulking behemoths that are about 20 feet tall running around, throwing cars as if they were toys”.
“Like that guy over there?” Not far away a huge gray monster was picking up a car and tossing it right through an apartment. Parts of the building went flying every where.
“What are you planning?” John asked.
“Just hang on”. Samantha put the truck in gear and made the gas pedal hit the floor. The truck accelerated up to 60 in no time.
The performance enhanced Hummer 3 Truck took off like a demon out of hell. Samantha saw that she could take a short cut through the highway. She went as fast she could past this behemoth. As soon as they got to the highway, this got even worse. Hundreds of flying skulls started to chase them!
“This is not good”, John said.
“You sure can keep calm during the most extreme situations”, she said.
“I know”, John said as they rounded a corner.
“Here, take the wheel”. Samantha leaned out the side window and sprayed forth hot lead at all of the flying skulls. Some of the ones that she shot exploded, leaving flaming bits of bone and marrow free to get all over the highway.
“Um…I think you should get back in here!” John said loud. He had good reason to say it loud, half of the high way was gone!! Samantha took the wheel. Luck for them, there was an over turned “Road Closed” sign that would become a useful ramp. Also, there was a huge construction crane nearby. She shot out the supports to the huge steel crane. As the enormous piece of construction equipment hit the highway, Samantha swerved around the falling debris. The truck got closer to the ramp…closer…closer…and then they were airborne, just barely avoiding a huge sphere of flame. The truck touched down on the other side of the highway. Samantha slowed the truck down to a stop to catch her breath. John looked back and could see the lost souls burning up in the flaming wreckage.
“That was cool” he said. Samantha just looked at him and smiled…

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Read it all the way through, though i kinda skimmed it. Looks cool to me from what i've seen. Your flow of wording goes along with the action i see (ie when its slow it's more descriptive, when its fast its more to the point) though this may not always be the case.

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better than the first part. but it is still minorly broken. Some of it is too vague, but mostly good because it doesn't drag on and bore the reader with endless description.

a techie correction...
M-4 use .223(5.56mm) not 9mm. They are an M-16 variant.
And just a question, why is it that Steve is the sole survivor of the troops? I think it would be cooler if at least a couple of the marines had survived (but this would add more writing and complexity).
and one last thing, it is kinda irritating to read, "like those guys in -whatever-." (and yeah I have played HL and Doom. :P)

all in all, the story is good.
But in the last part (demon hunter) it was a kinda poor feeling rush through when steve and samantha were in hell as I assume...

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