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Chris Hansen

Extra light feature in zDoom... how to?

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I tried searching for a similar thread and I didn't find anything... So here is the question (short story long) :

I downloaded a small example wad from zDoom's wiki that deals with a line special number 50 that transfers light levels from a dummy sector into the real sector. Used the right way it can give the particular section of the map a cool effect, IMHO. Only, I can't find that line special in DB... why is that and how do I go about this? Has it been replaed with another or what?

My version of zDoom is .63 and DB is 1.53 build 223. Any help to a succesful approach to this somewhat novice like question is greatly appreciated! But then again, I'm new to zDoom editing... ;)

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This special is not included in DoomBuilder's CFG. To use it you have to add the following to the line type section of ZDoom_DoomHexen.cfg:

		title = "Extra light";
		arg1 = "Sector Tag";
		arg2 = "Type";
		mark1 = 1;
Don't worry. It's really just an omission by DoomBuilder. The special still exists... ;)

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