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Dumb question... [DM with monsters]

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Ok what I'm about to ask may sound really stupid so brace yourself

Is there a way to have a Deathmatch game with monsters in it? You know, just random monsters walking around while you try to kill each other? (I'm not trying to describe Coop mode)

The reason why I ask is I have never seen a Death match map with monsters in it.

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I think they are, actually.

But to the original poster - they're technically not random. They'll be in the same place as they are in the single player game.

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I made a DM level of my school once, that had cybers and spider masterminds in key locations just to get the 'corpse saturation' up, the spiderdemon teleported onto the playing field (from the main hall) the moment it saw you, i sent it to some bloke for doomlegacy.co.uk, which is probably down or doesnt carry the wad anymore, he said it managed to scare him twice because of that

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Yeah. Make hidden-behind-the-wall-but-they-can-see-you (A la Plutonia) Archviles that can 'see' camping spots. Just an idea, but I think if used correctly, monsters could make a DM level play better, especially with -respawn.

Just my two penneth.

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