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what is the point of the sky textures (not F_Sky)

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What do you mean?, do you mean like on level 12 (The factory) where they 'come down' at the sides of the map, to do that you make the 'walls' around the map as a sector, and the sky at the same height as the top of the wall, and give it NO ABOVE TEXTURE, and the sky will 'come down' to the top of the wall, you do the same if you want the sky to come down to the ground, you just dont raise the 'wall' above ground level

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The sky textures replace F_SKY when the level is run based on what level it is. For instance in The Ultimate Doom, on Episode 1 Sky1 is used, on Episode 2 Sky2 is used, and so on. I think you can also alter it in ZDoom to make it run whatever sky you tell it to on each level. Alternately, you can use them as wall textures to make nice little paintings.

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