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Demon Lab

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Here is the background for a new GL Edge wad I am working on featuring the Guns wad by Espi:

I am called a Fixer. I “resolve” situations, usually with extreme prejudice. Officially, I am a Colonel in the Special Expeditionary Forces, on permanent leave. Unofficially, I work for a black ops organization known as World Watch.

World Watch is an independent group, not affiliated with any nation or national organization. Created shortly after World War II, World Watch has one goal: to maintain a balance of power in the world, to prevent Armageddon.

I was on a short holiday when General Adamson called me into his office.

“Sit down, John,” he said. “Coffee?”

“Thank you, Sir,” I said. As he poured the coffee, I looked out the wrap-around windows that gave a spectacular view of Geneva. The General handed me a cup of coffee and sat down at his desk. The hot, black liquid bit as I sipped it. The General liked his coffee Navy style: very strong.

“I appreciate your cutting your holiday short,” he said smiling.

“No problem, General,” I said letting my tongue recover. “I was at loose ends anyway.”

“The Committee has authorized an operation and I want my best man to handle it. You. This is going to be a tough one, John.” The General opened a file on his desk and handed me a photograph.

I set down the cup and took the photo. The picture showed a monster. In a cage, a brown, furry creature with red glowing eyes and bony spikes protruding from its back, reached toward the camera with a clawed hand. I looked at the General.

“The U.S. Military has been working on a project to create genetically engineered creatures for use as biological weapons. What you see there is just one product of their efforts. There are others.” He handed me several other photos and each one showed a creature out of some dark and twisted nightmare.

“Not only are these creatures horrifying to look at it,” the General said, “but their destructive power equals their looks. They are completely malevolent. No army in the world could stand up to these things if they were set loose in a city. It would be far more humane to just use a nuke.”

I laid the pictures down on the desk. “I take it, you want me to take out the lab?”

The General nodded. “The Lab is located in an underground facility in Texas. The Committee wants the Lab, and all the creatures, destroyed.”

“Will I have a team?”

The General shook his head. “We can’t risk trying to get a team into the facility. You’ll be on your own, but you will have some help. The Operative we had in the lab has cached some weapons in the facility. We also have the codes to get you into the lab through the service entrance.”

“Had?” I asked.

He nodded. “We think he may have been compromised. We honestly don’t know. You may have to improvise.”

I nodded. Rarely did an operation exactly follow the plan. The General was right on this one though; it was going to be a tough one.

“When do I start?”

“You leave this afternoon, after your formal briefing. God be with you on this one, John,” he said. “This is probably the most important intervention we have conducted since the India Incident. I can’t imagine what would happen if these things were turned loose. We can’t let it happen.”

“I understand General,” I said looking at the pictures on his desk. I was going into the pit of Hell. I fervently hoped that God was on my side.

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"Two thumbs up" doesn't do it justice. I go with "three thumbs up" (I can hear the masses going: "Goddamn mutant!") :)

Can't wait to play your Guns-based level.

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Can't wait to play your Guns-based level.

I had to switch to ZDoom since Edge was crashing too much on me, so the Guns will have to wait. Since I am moving to ZDoom, the wad will have a much deeper level of play, then I could with Edge (since I am more familiar with ZDoom. No slam on Edge.) See the pic on the Wads forum (link should be fixed now).

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