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brains for zombies...

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From the site:
I have eaten this brain, and I want to chat about it.
I am the Brain Donor, and I want to comment on my brain.
I am the Brain Farmer (what the hell is a brain farmer?), and I want to comment on this brain.

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I had a dream about zombies last night. My village was surrounded by zombies, slowly closing in on me and a couple of friends. I went after them with an axe. Seriously. One of my best dreams ever.

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Job said:


That diary story in resident evil was probably one of the scariest things I ever read.

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Holy crap. The reviews on the site are hilarious

A masterpiece not only of human brains but of organs in general. Even better that it predecessor, Other Brain, Brain gives us the opportunity to find out what happened to the neurons and the neurotransmitters that we learnt to love in the first brain. More than that, the brain shares with us its hope that things can be better, that new ideas can be successful, and that zombie nature, although far from perfect, still has the potential to rise above it's human opressors and rip the flesh out of their skulls agHAGHAraHAGHAGHAHGHGA BRAINS BRAINS.

I didn't think for a moment that the brain was boring, I only wished that I had a better technical/scientifical english vocabulary (I am not a native english speaker) so that I could stop having to talk like AHgHAGHGAHGhaghGAHGH BRAINS BRAINS BRAINSGAHGHAGHGHA HAHHAGHGG hgahghaghagh ahgahg.

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