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Naked Snake

On to Deimos

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The air was warm, humid and it smelled like shit. That pretty much described the air of the previous 7 floors as well. But the air here had a new quality to it, it felt almost as if it had weight to it, pushing down on the Marine's shoulders. Pressing the airlock switch in front of him, he watched the hatch open. Below him, huddled around a pool of sludge was a whole mess of Demons. Luckily, there was no way they could get to him from the platform he was on. Shouldering his chaingun, he began pumping rounds into the nearest barrel, causing a chain reaction. The few remaining beasts not obliterated by the explosions were picked off with some well-placed buckshot from the .12 gauge. He lept from the platform and landed with a grunt. He scanned the room once more, ignoring the elevator at the opposite end of the room, choosing instead to head down the stairs to the left.

The door looked pretty worn but it still opened. The chamber it revealed wasn't much to look at. Just one long hallway and some rooms off the side. The Marine walked forward towards the elevator at the end of the hall when he felt like he just got smashed with a ton of bricks. Landing hard on his shoulders, he fought to regain his senses. Who, what, why? It was a Demon! The drool pattered to the ground as it stood over him, preparing to dine on some grunt. A sharp boot to the forehead knocked it back allowing the Marine to get up and take aim. The first blast ripped up the shoulder of the creature and the second blew its face to bits. The Marine continued on and hoped that he'd get the hell out of this situation soon...

The elevator screeched like a banshee as it ascended to the next level. When it stopped, the Marine instantly looked for a down button. It was an eclosed chamber in the shape of a star. Two structures stood tall in the center of the room. The Marine could see some orb floating in the darkness, so he decided to grab it. The first step he took off the elevator and suddenly the walls of those two structures burst apart into tiny pieces. Out from the holes came two very tall, muscular and pissed-off Minotaur-looking monsters. HOLY SHIT! Not one to stand around when something extremely angry is stomping about, the Marine rushed to the right as he pulled the rocket launcher from his webbing and loaded some rockets. He darted straight towards the floating orb, hoping it'd do at least make it so his head didn't hurt so damn much. He touched it and it instantly went from red / blue to totally clear and it fell to the floor and shattered. He looked at his hand and gasped. It was shimmering! The two monsters roared about as they searched for the human. Look out, fuckers! *wroom*! A rocket whizzed through the air and struck one of them in the side. It fell over and got up quickly. It howled in anger and began to search the room with more haste. The Marine kept moving around and decided to head back towards the structures. He waited between them as the monsters investigated the corner he had just been occupying. Two more rockets were let loose. One smacked the minotaur dead-center in the chest, the second sailed clear over their heads. The one he had not hit waved it's claw in the direction the missiles had came from. A huge, pulsating green ball flew towards the Marine. Whoa! He ducked under the projectile and decided to find a new spot. The monsters started to head towards the structures again, but suddenly, they looked right at the Marine and let loose a chilling war-cry. Damnit, they can see me. Rockets four and five found their mark on each of the monsters. They retailated with a volley of fireballs and one almost hit the Marine, had he not tripped. He fired six and seven from his prone position. Both struck a lone monster and he finally collapsed, his chest burnt and smoking. The second was bearing down on the Marine fast. He stood just as the thing was no closer than 9 feet. It swiped a massive claw at the Marine, but he managed to move back enough where it just glanced off his chest-plate. Running backwards, he waited to get enough distance to fire the rocket but he had to change course as the monster tried to fry him with another energy ball. Once the Marine found a safe place, he pumped his last three rockets at the bastard. Only two connected, but it was enough. The head of the thing was completely destroyed by the second rocket. The Marine's shoulders slumped in exhaustion and semi-shock.

No more than 3 seconds after that, the whole damn chamber started to shake! Before he could even think, the walls collapsed, revealing the stary Phobos sky outside. He looked down off the edge of the chamber. Not a long drop, maybe 6 feet or so. He hopped down and looking around the massive courtyard. Then, he spotted it. A raised dias was in front of him and he saw a switch next to it. When he pressed it, stairs began to grind up slowly. When they finished, he climbed up them and stopped at the top. No fucking way...

He stared at the gate for a long time, debating with himself at weather he should step on or not. Just do it! With one final sigh, he stepped onto the platform...

He was surrounded and there was no way out. He felt them tear at his flesh and burn him, he felt the searing hot pain and then...nothing...and then he awoke, but not in a tiny room. Instead, he was in front of an airlock. On the door, above the U.A.C. symbol were two words. Deimos Base.

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Well, since no bugger replied, I'll just chime in to say that I liked it. If you changed all the him's he's and his's to you and your's (like the episode texts and the manual), it would actually go well in the game maybe.

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