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Help with exporting textures from Heretic to HeXen:

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I know this has been done before, but I need a step-by-step tutorial on how to import Heretic textures into a custom HeXen wad. I can't figure it out for the life of me. I'd like to export both some Heretic textures and HeXen textures to .bmp files or something as well, in order to add modifications such as ice or fire to the texture before putting it in HeXen. How would I do things in the proper palette bounds? I'd like to nab some HeXen 2 and Heretic 2 textures as well, if possible.

I have photoshop. I tried my hand at XWE, seemed promising but it crashed alot. Couldn't load up one of my levels with it anymore, it suddenly quit out of the program after working for it at first. ><

The tutorial would have to be very specific... load Heretic wad, double-click here, etc etc.

Would such new textures 'replace' old ones? Do they have to be the same size? If I do this in Wintex or whatever, will I be able to see the new texture when I use DooM Builder (or, if it replaces the old, at least will I be able to use the old texture in DooM Builder but then see the new replacement in-game)?

Keep in mind that this is intended to work with Vanilla HeXen.

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Or, at the very least, does anyone know the quirks of XWE? This is what I have attempted to do:

- I made a text .jpeg texture.
- I sucessfully got it into the texture list and it worked.

But I wasn't able to run the level becasue I inadventantly set up XWE to read Doom2.wads, but I was attempting to add the texture to a HeXen level. I could find nowhere with the option to again change the main IWAD I was looking at. I accidentally changed some of the textures in my HeXen level to DooM2 ones, and of course it couldn't run. ><

The level itself was fine becasue I made a backup, but even if I didn't I could have always loaded up DooM Builder and changed them back.

It was strange, though, since XWE seemed to add the new texture IN ADDITON to the old ones. I thought we were only able to modify the non-source DooM, Heretic or HeXen games by REPLACING graphics and sounds.

I also could not find a way to export textures to .bmp first.

What got me to delete XWE was the fact that I could no longer load my level from it after the first time of replacing the textures. It just crashed. ><

Id possible I'd like to be able to use XWE because in excecution it seems simpler than Wintex, for I got further along with it. But steps for any is fine. :)

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Well I'm currently trying to figure out how to do just the opposite (Hexen to Heretic), but I'm using WinTex. If you;re doing it my way it would be:

1. Open WinTex
2. Open Heretic.wad
3. Save textures that you want as a .bmp
4. Load a Hexen texture in Photoshop
5. In PS, go Image > Mode > Color Table and save it as Hexen.act
6. Load all the textures you saved from Wintex
7. Convert them to RGB (Image > Mode)
8. Convert them back to Indexed and select Custom in the dialogue box then load Hexen.act (you only need to do this once, after that just select 'Previous' which it should do automagicaly)
9. Save it as a .bmp (anything you want, you dont have to override textures)
10. ???
11. When you figure out how to put them all into a texture wad (which I'm still trying to figure out) just put the file extension for said WAD in that long box when you create a new level. I'm fairly sure theres a way to load a texture wad in an existing wad too.
12. Remember, you need to load both wads at the same time to see the new textures in your level. I suppose you can merge them when you're done.

Thats all I can help you with for now.

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I managed to get to the texture browser in Heretic.wad, though I don't see any pictures and I don't know how to sav them to .bmp. I'm going to browse around the program a bit, hopefully someone will reply in that time. :D

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New development: when I try to dougle-click on a patch, I get the error message:

Bad Command:
pbrush.exe c:\windows\temp\wall14.bmp

Or whatever patch I double-click on. And to think I was that close to converting to .bmp, too.

This is the patch browser, I can't seem to a thing in the texture browser.

I want the following added in HeXen in addition to what I already have:





Or if I could just drag the entire Heretic.pwad's textures into my HeXen wad, and use both texture sets as one in HeXen simultaneousely, that'd be cool.

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